Friday, October 21, 2016

Found Art Friday 210

Dear ones,
Isn't it exhausting?   We the people hold these truths to be self evident and now tortuous.
Quite often the Art Ranger notices objects produced in collaboration with "nature" that are so extraordinary looking that we should plainly hang up our artlady-must-make-things hat and just watch life move instead.  All the more, here at the Department of Homeland Inspiration, to continue to strive for a life slice where the "art" is  right under your feet.
! I must eat your foot right now or swing from your drapes!  I also can climb up onto the counter and lick the rim of your butter dish
How could anything be more funny and enchanting and nimble and clumsy than a baby animal?  Even if the creature is going to (in a very short period of time) reduce your home into various piles of unraveled of fibers.  How can you not be in favor of a creature that amuses itself so thoroughly with just a ball of foil or a toiletpaper roll, or even her own foot.  Of course, we understand now, the internet hypnosis of catness as antidote to our cultural pycho-ness.
 I am absolutely serious about playing with the utmost vigor
The other built-in awe in our immediate vicinity is the cornucopia from the garden created largely by our Gentleman Spouse.  Yes, these living sculptures have us bowing and squatting and doing plank pose while praying with delight at the shapes and tones and gestures and cellular vibrancy of these holy vegetables. 
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

 We will never tire of looking at this thing!   

And then, there is a siting from the world of commerce:
Sundried dumpster edge tomato
 Have you any slices of life to share?  How about it -

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Found Art Friday 209

Dear ones,
Yep -  it is pretty hard to not let the dog take the lead; this here artist wants to feel the air in her armpits amongst the birds, flailing along in this world.
Found in shared sketchbook, offspring about 8 yrs. old.  See that art?  Pretty sure a boy was making a portrait of his mother. 
We feel like this tree sometimes.  Don't you?  We just keep on going and growing around (it).

friend of the squashed abandoned glove, The Abandoned Sandal

It is hard not to wonder, therefore to create a narrative for this lone object landing; and why is the image so much more compelling to us with the rock than without? 
Art School Pavement Patina
Apply when necessary
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