Saturday, July 9, 2016

Found Art Friday 205

Dear Ones,
Artist at Large, aka The Art Ranger is checking in mid-summer. More cataclysms of violence overshadow and shadow over our thoughts numbing the over-used hearts. More and more of the same, except worse while being just as bad, insane and sad.  So ill, the nation, war obsessed inside and out. We've let guns metastasize so - so so pumped it in ourselves just like gas and corn syrup.  Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh woe is we.  Too many acting out of fear instead of love, love, "love is love is love ......"

Now we must change the subject now and think of something about humanity that we cherish:

Last month, we were out on the range in Los Angeles with some artist friends from Public Address- Nicki Sucec , Anne Mudge, and Nilly Gill. We made the trek to experience the inspiring new,  Hauser, Wirth and Schimmel  gallery and their stellar Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculpture by Women, 1947-2016.  The meandering reconfiguration of an old flour mill into a premiere art viewing space gets many many thumbs up. Smartly, photography was not allowed.  Art Ranger will therefore share the floor of the gallery:
Saved archeology of a building where real things once happened, such as grinding grain into bags of flour that fed people.
The former mills are left with vestiges of as-is-condition (our favorite of all conditions).  Elsewhere are sporadic patches of hexagon tiles in blue and cream, retaining the labor and craft. They've also saved a giant rusting voltage regulator, just because, and created wide ungreedy open space in the center for people to visit (or look at their phones).

As pedestrians on the way from yes, the train, we were a blue dot moving in the direction we asked the device to dispatch us, while absorbing our own peculiar route of pavement and detritus.  Not on our electronic map was giant gaping hole in the earth with security-guarded edges.
Nicki Sucec saw it this way

On our zigzag way of the eye sponge, a novel street art intervention revealed itself.  

Now this is something worth putting holes in!
Sucec's phone on phonepole
A different kind of pole dancing
Permeable colanders, sieves and the like, are cut and formed into medalions, mandalas and doilies of sturdy elegance upon many a telephone pole.  Rusty Steel and aluminum here having a rhythmic dance.  We listen to them. The tap tap tap and they are tapestries of metal. Enthralled and admiring of the dedication involved.  Much random and deliberate "found art" showed off itself as well.
Color field drawing
Game of Thrones
Short Ribs on Pollack - or are they Bone Cigars awaiting a Tom Waits song?
Art Ranger is now officially on summer recess until after Labor Day: please enjoy your own version of the observant way of living in your area and maybe don't forget to breathe: send pictures of moments here:

Friday, June 3, 2016

Found Art Friday 204

Dear Ones,
Having time for Breathing Lessons has been strange, but we must continue doing this:
Breathe long, breathe low, breathe slow as though each day may contain a potential opera in the diaphragm area
We are already so over the #hashtag already. 
Eschscholzia californica
We are not over California Poppies though, in fact, we can't get enough of them!!! 

We love the vigorous and uproarious way that poppies spread and take root in minor cracks
of organic matter.

Open Ground Studios, Seaside, California
Thou shalt covet thy neighbor's poppies.  Easily, they share themselves and just as easily they get eaten by gophers.  In rainy or parched years, they unabashedly prevail and bring about complete Art Ranger Admiration.   

Now, speaking of poppies and admiration, we have been enraptured by an old shoebox of photos this week:
There he is! Our Father Bob on Bike Trip (in Italy or France?) stops to paint Wild Poppies.

Gone now for twelve years,  he continues to inspire.  He tasted and tested and tried everything possible, living life with such gusto! - while always taking time to savor the flowers (or the whatevers). 

The Art Ranger may soon be on summer recess, but we hope you will join us in watching out for unexpected beauty: