Friday, October 17, 2014

Found Art Friday 157

Dear Ones,
It's come to this - a collection of moments captured on foot:
It's both about time, and It's about time (she got her spine aligned).  Tidy shop is also a few doors doors down from a home for the "memory impaired". We certainly do hope they host field trips.

 Now This Special Transmittal from the Department of Lost Shoes:
no emoji for this
What have you noticed lately?

wind whistles when it weaves by wires

Pray tell because Art Ranger would be privileged to know and share: sprint us an image or 2 right here:

Friday, October 10, 2014

Found Art Friday 156

Dear Ones,
It is marvelous when Friday (finally) arrives and there is something already waiting in Art Ranger's inbox:
from Friend in the Bay Area: 1st Grade "We gave the kids two tomato cages, a lampshade and three bags of old clothes then watched the scarecrow come alive ... complete with a brain inspired by the Wizard of Oz"
 Often, we find ourselves humming: "If I only had a brain ...." this improved lampshade creation reminded us of how great a word SCARECROW really is:
a murder of crows
Then, we were going about our new routine of goshdarnspine alignment, (which ironically requires extra driving) when we saw (parked next to an artichoke farm), a handmade sign leaning on a green VW bus that said "Bicycle  Support".  Magnetized by the popsicle green oasis of charm, we stopped to chat.  After having traversed the country several times, this is Paul's way of giving back.  Every Tuesday morning, in case you're in need of water or a snack: 
We met a man named Paul by the side of the road
He gave us this pin:
we move the meter by ourselves with others
 Meanwhile .....
Just about that time ... here's Gentleman Jeff ..... on Rte 50 outside of Reno ..... dropping the hammer for 104! epic miles ........ with his Silver State 508 team.  

So What Up?.. let us know through your images right here right now please:

Friday, October 3, 2014

Found Art Friday

Dear Ones,
Okay, now where were we?  That's just it - were we present where we are or were? and inclined to capture the image presented at our feet:
Discovered by Sonya Devine and Nikki Moore -
 Beach surface celebrates the process of shriveling and gradually becoming something else. Minerals map traces.
photo by Tom Foxworthy - posted by Robin Brailsford, Inventor
Very taunting and tempting to just read that.  Some private things can make you feel that way.

Matt Kilman, from 2010

 What is going on in your "neck of the woods"?  Speaking of necks, those are hard to keep optimally aligned your whole life.  Evidently, ours needs a re-noodling just like above sign.
Suddenly, we completely admire animals with hinges
from ongoing Technology in the Classroom discussion with colleague,  Normi Burke      

Send us your visual thoughts, and we will re-arrange them here:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Art Ranger is back

Dear ones of the Department of Homeland Inspiration,
Thank you for compelling us back to the station where we aspire to open doors toward seeing Art/ART/art as it unfolds by chance in the everloving world around us.  The equinox has passed and Art Ranger has by now laundered her ranger shirt and souled her shoe - she scouts the earth waning and waxing for your images and participation. Please feel free to send some to or forward this bloggling on to other humans.
While at large over the summer, Art Ranger accumulated notes of certain  moments and not others that we now finally dare to share with you few who read below the fold (or scrolled):
Prelude:  Quote from Gertrude Stein's "The making of the making of Americans ", 1924
I write for myself and strangers. This is the only way that I can do it. Everybody is a real one to me, everybody is like someone else to me too ..............

Contributed by Richard Anthony in Austin
Snapshots stored in "notes":
One boy rejects the sunscreen due to the word emollient. 
the other texts saying “don’t use words like rational”
We consume the perfect peach reaching its full flavor pinnacle due to natural causes; 
Or, a strawberry entirely unmarred by life on the road.
he grew this
The young one drapes long arms over newly hairy longer legs on a
bench that looks now small.
 We got to dine with the American Legion because great Uncle Billy made glass eyeballs during WWII.
Tiny birds grow feathers
Morning is gray
We bought some other animal’s ribs to eat
A company called “the ageless male” was giving away free testosterone samples on Independence Day  - a consolation prize
For safe and sane fireworks
Three dead fish in an orange shoebox
for waaay too long
partched plants
we forgot to eat them
the sugar snap peas, with knuckles
a small black and white animal came to ruin
our life – temporarily
The fridge may never be brought back to the smell of white
swimming is how to pretend you are another animal
We bought a fat book called “CAPITAL in the twenty first century” that we will never exactly read
More Fish were caught and released, otherwise the vacation
would have been a bust
The matriarch, her emotions stretched thin like the skin on her shins
At home home, deer consumed our lovingly tended garden and victory shat on the driveway
Then there’s summer when it wanes
The basil bolts for the bees
All halted abruptly by the smell of new yellow pencil
Photo by Jim Lindenthal
One who left the nest
we bought him grey sheets, sand colored towels,
Tears in the can opener aisle spill over his release
Into the middle wilds of college 
The Math Department on vacation

We ate animal patties on the side of a windy road
While the world erupted again- and picked its same scabs
Elegant trees leaned home