Friday, November 30, 2018

Found Art Friday 266

Dear ones,
Welcome back to the Department of Homeland Inspiration, which is a state of mind. Today, we feature images from two artists whom have not yet met, but that seem to intersect along similar nodes and lines, both of whom have recently graced Art Ranger's inbox. Each of these artists is a unique three dimensionalist who has taken (weaving) to unexpected places. Art Ranger is awed by what other artists are magnetized by and how this steering by the eyes may affect their hand built objects.
 Amanda Salm
shared  "dragon fruit-crazy looking inside and out!"
its not just the seeds and the color, but those other fiber rhythms akin to swimming in the light, or a drawing by the artist
Also collected by Salm at Point Lobos.  We are happy with erosion as birdfoot sculptor of the ages
Horsehair being the primary material with which she creates, this one called "Sinks": Best go to Amanda Salm's website.
And featured before is Anne Mudge: this artist/friend/colleague also walks similar dog while parallel processing: we seem to be co-observers in different California eco-systems.
From Anne Mudge:  elegantly built and broken. It's what she sees and how it's framed folks.
Art Ranger admires these two artists' focus as laborious tasks grow into alternate life forms. 
Praying Mantis Egg Sac discovered by Mudge
Also appreciate seeing a dried used model as housing bulb
Digressions:  glimpse of hanging sculpture by Anne Mudge:
Indeed, digressions may actually be our stuff of life: (Yesterday while trying to whisk away books from the home to make room for new ones) this one grabbed us by the eye: 
"Yah - we know what you mean man!!!"
 Parting Words:  a series in which we make a copy of one page of each book we give a way now:
Despite all the baggage, Page 29 speaks to us:
"What is more natural than that we should persist in looking for happiness along the path on which we first encountered it? ..... We may go on from here to consider the interesting case in which happiness in life is predominantly sought in the enjoyment of beauty, wherever beauty presents itself to our senses and our judgement -the beauty of (human) forms and gestures, of natural objects and landscapes and of artistic and even scientific creations. This aesthetic attitude to the goal of life offers little protection against the threat of suffering, but it can compensate for a great deal" Okay dawg, we are committed to this work, tis our service, our wheelhouse, our generator.  Hence highlighting the two artists featured above. And seeking to attend to the art (beauty? - not exactly) in everyday life "The enjoyment of beauty has a particular intoxicating quality of feeling.  Beauty has no obvious use; nor is there any clear cultural necessity for it.  Yet civilization could not do without it...."
Please share your revelations and beauties with us: subject FAF (for Found Art Friday):, and we will try not to let where did it go? happen.
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Peace and Love

Friday, November 16, 2018

Found Art Friday 265

Dear ones,
Next month, we embark upon our ninth year at The Department of Homeland Inspiration and we wish to welcome your participation in this appreciation of art/Art /"art" in everyday life.  Found Art Friday is a forum for observing while living with an eye-asking frame of mind as one moves about the world and its inhabited pathways.  Art Ranger watches out for art:  hence a sampling/review of our way too many images:
Apple store employee raised his technological eyebrows about our computer's 12,000+ photos
You too are more likely to not have an established art enterprise or publication in your midst today, yet (art) is potentially all around you in moments of perception, noted, somewhat recorded.
Found Paintings find you u, the essence of The Department of Homeland Inspiration
During these past eight years of nearly weekly blogging, our (smartphone) use/over topping has blossomed into a full-blown brain extension/ human algae bloom that we are trying to understand as we speak. Meet Powerama: live documentation of a recent performance by the artist on this topic. She raps, she rants ....
We originally started this blog on the suggestion of a dear friend, poet Stacy Doris who now has departed this dimension.  An experimental way to keep things rolling during the thick of the child rearing years when a ten minute segment of time might need to suffice for our art practice that day.
Offspring #2 was 12, when he was furious with the dog for this infraction
 Roadtrip Bonding Experience with Offspring #1
At times, we needed to be able to distill art out of wall, a parking lot, out of a dog walk, a reflection, or more recently out of being assaulted by the spray of the absurd tragicomedy of our nation state.
How does this shiny rectangle of obsessive documentation interface with and inform "photography?"
We feel like Claude Monet of intricate changes in light on the same (now dry) pond. 
Yet, this blog endeavor is still about art. How we frame things. The lens through which we interpret our experience. And what Art of other humans has lodged in our brain to color it?
chin sculptures made by bored stable horses :)
Please send us images or thought contributions from your own Department of Homeland Inspiration, because "Life is the most interesting thing on earth" as our mid-west then Florida grandmother accidentally said.  Send to: