Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday Meditation hijacks Found Art Friday 257

Dear ones,
Here we are at our standing desk, which makes writing for The Department of Homeland Inspiration much more like driving a bus window through to our thoughts. This Friday, when the nation again left us speechless with its bleakness, we gagged on repeat chaos for a suitable response or non-response to yet more gun violence, already mowed over by more plumes of drama.
close up of close up of bullet discharge
Our country, addicted to war:  how can we steer it toward healing?  Again, we turn our eyes to the plant world for solace.  Today, we highlight a light papery flower with heavy overtones:  The Poppy Manifesto : ode to casual flower.
California Poppies are your best friend - up for almost anything, hearty, each day.
poppy palette pairings: beautiful against air or any other flower
Poppies, they just show up places and stay a while, and with good humor
Art Ranger simply collected a day (or two) of poppy sitings.  Many many varieties and shade variants professing divinity upon the month of May.
Open Ground Studios - see how it has opened and created its own ground?
  The thrifty and free-spirited flower also retiring itself at dusk by folding petals in repose.

Oh, hello pure yellow ....
Smaller wild variety that we don't know the species name of.  A home for black bugs that are not ants.

And marvelous markings
host of shy pale yellow spider  - select fuzziness
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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Found Art Friday 256

Dear ones,
As the Department of Homeland Inspiration has kept watch, we continue to have no shortage of moments that bring us to our knees in this extraordinary world, don't you?

After the eloquent, yet heavy assault of listening to Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" this spring, Art Ranger must take a very temporary bath in sweet smelling bee balm as antidote.  Feels as though we all need a quiver full of antidotes, in fact.  OKay ---  Snap out of it!!!!   B r e a t h e ......
Sugar snap peas: our admiration of its tendrils can not be over estimated
On the heels of these readings, we are very proud of our cousin, Erle C. Ellis who has published a new book:
Useful book for cultural workers:
(The Very Short Introduction part is nearly our favorite) ... now we might actually devour it, then add  to our car(fossilfuelcabin) door pocket-sized reading cache for in between moments.  So far:
"How could a product of nature - a Naked Ape - gain the capacity to end nature itself?  And if nature has indeed ended, what have we now?" he asks us.
"The Sea Around Us"
At age about eleven or twelve, when every other boy we knew seemed like a little idiot, Cousin Erle was decidedly not.  In fact, over the years we learned about molecular biology, Bob Marley, American blues, green manure, etc.,  ... why talk about nothing? when you can teach your older girl cousins a great many things.  So glad this guy has a lovely family, as well as many students, to pass on his constructive and instructive curiosities:
sea slug, and /or sea hare
One family vacation on a far away island paradise, we came upon some magical creatures in the tide pools that we had no name for at the time.   Over a period of days we hand built tide pool (holding tanks)network. For consecutive days, we observed and interacted with the creatures in their body temperature sculpted environment.  Like gracefully moving interior gut parts, swimming in some saline soup with gentle spots, while its muscular edged grabbed the surround. We very easily could have been dreaming, but that we were part of nature seemed tangible to us.  In our mind, the creatures seemed okay with all this; they lolled around in their pools and accepted our friendship because we were children.  It was science meets dollhouse meets art sand castle meets mystical universe of the sea, to which we could attach our own narrative.  Of course, from the gossamer folds of memory, the tide must have liberated them ........
Speaking of narratives, Garden art-if act
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