Friday, December 6, 2019

Found Art Friday 295

Dear ones,
Here we are still mucking around The Department of Homeland Inspiration after nearly ten years! Especially favorable to appreciation of color during atmospheric riverweather is to also have items to share from our inbox:
from de Alma of the Oaks noting what was already always there
Bonnie Hotz who makes and sells pots, stops for another Big Sur walker on the trail

Also noticed by the one who makes vessels,  human and insect dwellings juxtaposed
Recently, we went to our old town to the south where friends congregated to celebrate a life well lived.
beautiful friend's beautiful door
And when the party was over, it wasn't really over; we were still dancing in our sleep like whirling dervishes, then this morning/mourning after candle expressed some of the energy of a life poured out vigorously entangled with gravity, some weeping sure, and yet still going and going, transformed into different forms ..... 
Departed one feels smiling abundantly over and under our conversations caused by his existence
Over the past few weeks ( I M P E A C H  WE BESEECH) - even amidst the gag volcanoes of sick idiocracy), Art Ranger is going to say hats off !!! to the note takers who recorded things in order to do their job, a measure of attentiveness, heightened perception, and mere record keeping. Eyes and ears for instance.
Here we share a different kind of note taking -  found another one of dad's travel sketchbooks:
quickly yet caringly, open - so open
when he knows what you like and you know what he's like too
We'll see you soon and thank you for visiting the Department of Homeland Inspiration:  a somewhat weekly blog about discovering the art right where you are.  Dare to share your findings here:
there ..... there ....

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Special Edition

Dear ones,
Where has The Department of Homeland Inspiration been for weeks? Not exactly Home on the Range yet studio and gallery ensconced. If you haven't already seen it, one of Art Ranger's recent artist-activist outcroppings was a live performance called: MAD 2GO
Shortly after the 2018 Supreme Court Hearings, this text began tumbling out of her like a mudflow  accumulating gravity though the passing storms of each passing day.
she got up on a soapbox about it!
Therapy Slippers
If you are in the Monterey/Salinas area, please check out the last week of our exhibition: MyBody MyVoice:
In honor of our month long blog negligence, we will share a bonus rant from years past that has re-populated our kitchenThe Ants .....
Next week Art Ranger shall continue with our mission at The Department which is to uncover the art that tumbles forth from everyday life - yours for instance, a crack in the sidewalk? share here: