Saturday, July 18, 2020

Where a book cracks open

Dear ones,
As you may realize by now, we have gone auditory: Podcast #5
                         Mr and Mrs Partched are aching through the weirdest summer of our lives

                       And you? .....

Here we reside awaiting your thoughts:

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sheltering gives way

Well dear ones,
The more quickly it seives down the sleeve, time does, and the heat of the expressions explode. Here's our latest Homeland Inspiration Podcast.
We hope the various technologies, browsers and such work for you, because you know,  we have no idea..
As sheltering gives way and becomes a new rift, we contemplate, as we test it out:

for a few days, we left our patch of earth.  It was very special to move through a landscape in a motorized vehicle. We so enjoyed the movie it makes. We wanted to pet the hills. But the people thing is wierd.
Peace and love from Art Ranger in her soundscape who thanks you for visiting. Feedback is helpful and welcome: