Friday, March 21, 2014

Found Art Friday 145

oh Dear! ones,
This happened in December and we're just getting around to telling you about it.
A tiny nature movie .......

Please share your unexpected day or night mares with us:

Friday, March 14, 2014

Found Art Friday 144

Dear Ones,
Why do we keep blogging on Blogger? when a lot of people do cute Tumblrs, classy WordPresses, instant Instagramys, Pintergeists and the like. Bogger by (Google is big) like the universe by now and Art Ranger has allowed it to send and store her thoughts for four years. These things are called platforms now and we must be able to swing to and fro between multitudes of them.  Not jump.
It is National Hat on Hydrant day
Blogging is like carrying your groceries into the house and making something out of them. Putting out a snack plate.

Here is some found art from local correspondent Bonnie Hotz:
And a Vision proudly shown to us by #1 Son
inside the old shed beside the swine
next to baling twine in sunshine.

How are your old cobwebs? Please unearth moments and send to: ....

Friday, March 7, 2014

Found Art Friday 143

Dear ones,
It was a journey just to get here online. Does anyone else have password overload? When it becomes reduced to just nine tiny dots, you're sunk as far as memory handles go.  It used to be just two or three passwords, now it is about seventy.  Too many scraps of paper to write them on then put in drawers with gusty winds inside of them shifting and sifting the contents .....
We need both good aim and a searchlight in this life at times.
Altered traffic sign

Altered / fake traffic sign
 These two finds from Friend in the Bay Area. She is a visual archaeologist of her micro-climate.

Now for a few Department of Homeland Inspiration backyard moments made better by the rain:
washed yellow-greens
New Pink

chard escapee
Media Moment of the week: Survivor guy speaking about Survivor girl:  "Her crayons are not the sharpest ones in the box"We'll see about that.

Have yourselves a hopeful week, and please, of course, if you see something that interests you more than usual, send it here to so that Art Ranger can keep doing her thing.