Friday, September 28, 2012

Found Art Friday 98

Welcome to Found Art Friday:
Omigoshhhh!  Today's installment has been hijacked this week by our local locavore, Lettuce Pray with a long awaited 1 minute Earth Prayer: /Users/masmedley/Desktop/Ode to tomato from melissa smedley on Vimeo.
Can you say Salsa Fresca?  or Gazpacho soup?  May you dance yourself through the vines of life and along the way contribute to

Friday, September 21, 2012

Found Art Friday 97

Welcome to Found art Friday of this 21st day in September,
What grabbed our eyemind this week was a series of photos Curiosity has recently taken of itself on Mars. How self-reflexive of it. How anthro.  There is an old penny (mounted below) serving as a calibration tool (somehow). Part of the palette. Like getting the right eyeshadow at Macy's.
We're a little worried about all the exposed wiring. So sturdy yet so full of holes.

 The Art Ranger afterall grew up with gems like this Lunar rover from the 70's. Which is visually very satisfying. They embraced a makeshift knowhow. "An unbearable Lightness of Being":

Are those just regular casters on swivels the contraption is about to land on?
Because here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration, the artist is always doing research and development of some kind, space travel and the resulting photography have been uplifting to us. Pun always intended. Okay, have you a noticeable week and feel free to send images for our contemplation to
Endeavor retiring. This arrangement must be hard on her pride.
We humans get a lot of ideas from monkeys:

Friday, September 14, 2012

Found Art Friday 95

Welcome to today's imagery:
Speaking of images, it's stunning what damage an internet video can do.  Even when world news is fiery unravellings, let's breathe.  Act locally, think globally really does seem like a great concept. 
Looky here at Variations in Green:
found by Bonnie Hotz in Salinas
Also mother of twins witnessing twin pumpkin.  Perseverance!
We have found a mate for Tammy the tomato, it's Tommy the retired Sumo wrestler.
What ultra-violets can do: accidental string drawing captures the Art Ranger today.

Favorite illustration in a yellowed paperback for 50 cents at the do-it-yourself coffeeshop library.  Artist's name: Eva Zumvalt. It's the economy of line, the rhythm, the movement.
From Rhiana Michelle on facebook.
See what happens at your point of view, your "locally" and please send some Found Art Fridays to

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Found Art Friday 96

Welcome back to the Department of Homeland Inspiration!
In France they call the first week of September the re-entrance (la rentree). You pass through a threshold.  Though as Dennis the Menace said a few weeks ago: "Even summer doesn't last all summer anymore". Thankfully, several of you sent material in to the The Department while Art Ranger was out on the range.By now, you have the #2 pencil smell and the vinyl pencilcase smell, and the apple-in-lunch-too-long smell and you begin again again.
Juvenile Sea Gull not always begging: two images from Jim Lindenthal
Fawns in Front, also from Jim.
It becomes clear why humans invented good photography lenses and stuffed animals.  Because we want to hold things that are wild.
Our Aunt Madge found this surprising honeycomb sculpture on what she calls "Facecrack"
This appeals to our bee-loving soul. Interesting that the inside face is awake/open and external face is  closed. Given our cultural iphone-itus (condition of phone overconnection), do people still have internal images going on inside their heads when they close their eyes?  

Here arrived something from Esquire Anonymous in Bend, Oregon.  We name this tomato, Tammy.

Then, there are things we shouldn't find so lovely but we do:
Oak moth worms:: from the series, moments in fencing
Well, where have you been? Fill our hearts with accidental inspiration: