Friday, September 21, 2012

Found Art Friday 97

Welcome to Found art Friday of this 21st day in September,
What grabbed our eyemind this week was a series of photos Curiosity has recently taken of itself on Mars. How self-reflexive of it. How anthro.  There is an old penny (mounted below) serving as a calibration tool (somehow). Part of the palette. Like getting the right eyeshadow at Macy's.
We're a little worried about all the exposed wiring. So sturdy yet so full of holes.

 The Art Ranger afterall grew up with gems like this Lunar rover from the 70's. Which is visually very satisfying. They embraced a makeshift knowhow. "An unbearable Lightness of Being":

Are those just regular casters on swivels the contraption is about to land on?
Because here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration, the artist is always doing research and development of some kind, space travel and the resulting photography have been uplifting to us. Pun always intended. Okay, have you a noticeable week and feel free to send images for our contemplation to
Endeavor retiring. This arrangement must be hard on her pride.
We humans get a lot of ideas from monkeys:

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