Friday, December 19, 2014

Found Art Friday 164

Dear ones,
As 14 draws to a close, thank you for visiting the Department of Homeland Inspiration and completing another trip around the sun with the Art Ranger, soon to enter our fifth year at this post. While many are right now rushing around in parking lots wrapped in consumer packaging and Rudolf re-runs or rumpa tum tum or getting skotchtape stuck on a lot of things, we shall instead offer up a quick hors d'ouevre of imagery from recent days:
lengthening and strengthening

Yet, do you ever get to feeling this way?
oh, hello  - we liked that shape - you wrapped yourself in it - it was a helpful horseshoe shape

Made by shoe shoeing by Artist Sonja Hinrichsen,  found by Susan Needleman

We hope you will enjoy your days/daze, and will see you around the next bend.  Please continue to visit and contribute your images to our discussion right here:

Friday, December 12, 2014

Found Art Friday 163

Dear ones,
Of the blogo-cosm - here are this week's offerings: First of all, we come upon ...
Across the street from
 It's "About Time"- remember?
And down a little ways was
this Squashed abandoned Baby Sock

Now we'll call attention to some words, artfully combined;  so much still hangs on words.

Recently, we took a book recommendation off Face---- from a friend-of-a friend-who-also used-to-be-a-cousin's-girlfriend-who-might-now-be-called-an-aquaintance: The book, "Us" by David Nicholls.  Page 75 makes the Art Ranger laugh thoroughly, reminding us of our perennial challenge to explain this profession to newcomers:
Okay, here's An article worth reading if you care about socially engaged art:
by A.O. Scott, entitled: Looking the Other Way, from which we will share a comment by poet, Patricia Lockwood:
 "I would never tell artists that they had to address social issues in their work, because as soon as you tell artists that they have to do something, they turn around and poop on the floor.  Tell them instead that these questions are difficult, that the story is missing something without them, that they are another dimension, and then see what happens."
Onward awkwardly, after getting vertebrae moved 

Soon the holiday may whack us all with an oversize red plastic hammer.
Perhaps an image sent here will be a winter lozenge:

Friday, December 5, 2014

Found art Friday 162

Dear ones,
Our Found art Friday box was festooned with this:
Tin Man, from Friend-in-the-bay-area
Art Ranger especially approves of head gear and antennae.  Nicely symbolic to have keyboard gut  stretching from our belly buttons, the language an umbilicus attaching us to one another through our digits.
Who knew?  Technology then and now ......
Really?  Why?  How? and What?

Robin Brailsford  from Tuesday's cleanup: "acne?"

 And if you don't have a dedicated nose, definitely have holes all over. 

Continuation of precipitation appreciation:

Dirt ghost prints

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Found Art Friday 161

Dear ones,
Today's found art involves moisture and its beneficial effect on color.

greetings from the latest squashed abandoned glove after the rain
tiny dew on very large arachnidis it real or a moult?
Meanwhile, hope you can enjoy the right kind of time with your kind people and your kind of food, or something.
We're going to be watching out for severely photoshopped turkeys, and you?
Snood - long flap of flesh that hangs over the beak

After all these years of wondering, a new fact learned just 45 sends ago.
Please send your FAF or favorite fact to

Friday, November 14, 2014

Found Art Friday 160

Dear ones,
This week has been hijacked by last week.  Low and behold though, it's today already and our found art offering is this special report from Art Ranger's time "at large" creating a collaboration for the Unruly Engagements Conference.  From the sound of it, you might hope that the format would be artful and interesting, but nah.  While most presenters became podiums-emitting-papers, Nanette Yannuzzi and yours truly performed an art intervention right then and there at 9:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning.  Our work in progress consisted of a ten minute video click right here and concurrent performance. 

 A Chemical W/Rap:

Below was our swag for the viewer participants: A box/toolkit for taking action which contains Postcards from ruined places including addresses of relevant politicians, twitter handles, a pamphlet, a test tube full of a (fictitious) noxious chemicals, etc.  It can be good to have some sickening facts in your lap:

  Comments welcome, as this project will continue to evolve.

Hope you have a loving week and that something you see wishes to have its picture taken.
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Friday, October 31, 2014

Found Art Friday 158

Dear Ones,
It's raaaiiinginggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's pouring !!!!!!!! blue mother.
Today, Art Ranger shares with you what was once a feat of flawed housekeeping, that three weeks later has become this:
Please dear friends, offer us your kind advice .... what on earth should we do next?


Oh hark! it is old Hallo's Eve oh.
 Now a ___ $$$$$$$$ billion enterprise for us to not be ourselves
or to be actually more ourselves than ever
through expression
even upon tiny quivering dogs
 my country tis of thee, first buying
then eating way too much of the wrong thing
Let us instead be inspired
to dance with the dead!
borrowed from Julian Granirer, unmasked
That is all now because you are too busy and so are we and so is the whole damn world.
Do take time to vigorously stare at something and show us later:

Friday, October 24, 2014

Found Art Friday 158

Dear Ones,
After some decades, art just falls in your lap sometimes.  You are just transected by its arrival.
 Underside movie - Near Mouth of the Salinas River

Protective Mama found by Bonnie Hotz

Wow that would be huge to locomote more silk-wrapped kids than your entire abdomen could hold. She may need an exoskelleton adjustment.
Wick Alexander  "The man can paint!" - Travelers

Fungus Among us  revealed by poet, Diane Gage
In honor of the fact that raaaaiiiiinnnn !!!!!! !!!!!! is in the forecast. (Wow we just noticed that exclamation marks are actual rain drops) ......   Please let it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Found Art Friday 157

Dear Ones,
It's come to this - a collection of moments captured on foot:
It's both about time, and It's about time (she got her spine aligned).  Tidy shop is also a few doors doors down from a home for the "memory impaired". We certainly do hope they host field trips.

 Now This Special Transmittal from the Department of Lost Shoes:
no emoji for this
What have you noticed lately?

wind whistles when it weaves by wires

Pray tell because Art Ranger would be privileged to know and share: sprint us an image or 2 right here:

Friday, October 10, 2014

Found Art Friday 156

Dear Ones,
It is marvelous when Friday (finally) arrives and there is something already waiting in Art Ranger's inbox:
from Friend in the Bay Area: 1st Grade "We gave the kids two tomato cages, a lampshade and three bags of old clothes then watched the scarecrow come alive ... complete with a brain inspired by the Wizard of Oz"
 Often, we find ourselves humming: "If I only had a brain ...." this improved lampshade creation reminded us of how great a word SCARECROW really is:
a murder of crows
Then, we were going about our new routine of goshdarnspine alignment, (which ironically requires extra driving) when we saw (parked next to an artichoke farm), a handmade sign leaning on a green VW bus that said "Bicycle  Support".  Magnetized by the popsicle green oasis of charm, we stopped to chat.  After having traversed the country several times, this is Paul's way of giving back.  Every Tuesday morning, in case you're in need of water or a snack: 
We met a man named Paul by the side of the road
He gave us this pin:
we move the meter by ourselves with others
 Meanwhile .....
Just about that time ... here's Gentleman Jeff ..... on Rte 50 outside of Reno ..... dropping the hammer for 104! epic miles ........ with his Silver State 508 team.  

So What Up?.. let us know through your images right here right now please:

Friday, October 3, 2014

Found Art Friday

Dear Ones,
Okay, now where were we?  That's just it - were we present where we are or were? and inclined to capture the image presented at our feet:
Discovered by Sonya Devine and Nikki Moore -
 Beach surface celebrates the process of shriveling and gradually becoming something else. Minerals map traces.
photo by Tom Foxworthy - posted by Robin Brailsford, Inventor
Very taunting and tempting to just read that.  Some private things can make you feel that way.

Matt Kilman, from 2010

 What is going on in your "neck of the woods"?  Speaking of necks, those are hard to keep optimally aligned your whole life.  Evidently, ours needs a re-noodling just like above sign.
Suddenly, we completely admire animals with hinges
from ongoing Technology in the Classroom discussion with colleague,  Normi Burke      

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