Friday, October 10, 2014

Found Art Friday 156

Dear Ones,
It is marvelous when Friday (finally) arrives and there is something already waiting in Art Ranger's inbox:
from Friend in the Bay Area: 1st Grade "We gave the kids two tomato cages, a lampshade and three bags of old clothes then watched the scarecrow come alive ... complete with a brain inspired by the Wizard of Oz"
 Often, we find ourselves humming: "If I only had a brain ...." this improved lampshade creation reminded us of how great a word SCARECROW really is:
a murder of crows
Then, we were going about our new routine of goshdarnspine alignment, (which ironically requires extra driving) when we saw (parked next to an artichoke farm), a handmade sign leaning on a green VW bus that said "Bicycle  Support".  Magnetized by the popsicle green oasis of charm, we stopped to chat.  After having traversed the country several times, this is Paul's way of giving back.  Every Tuesday morning, in case you're in need of water or a snack: 
We met a man named Paul by the side of the road
He gave us this pin:
we move the meter by ourselves with others
 Meanwhile .....
Just about that time ... here's Gentleman Jeff ..... on Rte 50 outside of Reno ..... dropping the hammer for 104! epic miles ........ with his Silver State 508 team.  

So What Up?.. let us know through your images right here right now please:

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