Friday, November 24, 2017

Found Art Friday 240

Dear ones,
We hope that you've done some wonderful thanking/thinking and that perhaps you may be immersed in a uncommercial moment somewhere.  A toast to ThanksGivings: now we'd like to spread more thanking out to each day.  Carefully to butter the toast; which requires having enough bread and butter to do so with. The opposite of micro-aggressions, we could use to give off and witness graditudinals for as many angles as possible, sprung up from the surprising mush of this life.
Who would ever predict the way research may meander us on this here internet? 
Now, the following visuals are provided by our most reliably wholesome and fun friend in New Hamspire, recently featured as Vegetable Judge for the Sandwich County Fair.  Here, she is a participant who documents steps taken in order to arrive as a single bite of protein to your mouth.  A small scale "farm to table" experience (selectively cropped by AR):
We did - did you?   Before  - yes, they must be chatting quietly
Even though Art Ranger thinks she wants to see what needs to be seen in this world, we notice that our desire to sanitize and de-animalize food processing runs more deep and visceral than imagined. We zero in on part of anything and it goes easier ... leaves more to the imagination (pointless though it is) and yet, this draws us closer in to the vital event.  Each bird was hand carried and delivered to this point/edge.
a cone, a sharp tool, a process
Plucker with flexible rubber fingers that spins.  Stainless steel  - so cold it's warm.
Naturally, feathers get used for something else
And there we are .... instead of goosebumps they are turkey bumps, legs, thighs, knees, tendons so very similar to our own.
Okay ....
We can't not love your face Tom - and when we wanted to know more about your prodigious wattle - surprising yet logical, we learn this:
And let us all who are wishing to be locovores make note of the amount of human labor involved in satisfying our thoughtful tastebuds.

Dear ones, may your world view include unexpected details and reflections.  Please share notables to:, subject: FAF sure helps us find it again easier :).

Friday, November 17, 2017

Found Art Friday 239

Dear ones,
Welcome back to our service area, the (found art) contemplation zone. Yes indeed. Lately, Art Ranger has not been out on the range, but in the studio producing an art exhibition about produce, leafy green vegetables raised here in the Salinas Valley.  When photo documentation is available, more bits can go out to the sphere.
As tends to happen, we were most compelled by the process, actual leaves and their structures were the main character  - while deveining and unpacking the political context of agriculture and the people who make it possible.  Those are some of the themes stuck under our fingernails.
 Never in our wildest dreams did the small freckled one who became us think that she would eat things like this and truly enjoy them.
try your whole life to know how to use color as well as this leaf does as it ages - get out your paint brushes

 many prints
During our Artist in Residency at Open Ground Studios, we labored over the art installation parts and the whole (a whole only made possible by being around people who could help).  As soon as any component was about "finished" we were just getting the hang of it, whatever the task.  After a few days of work on a 9' x 4' pastel mural, we moved on to become enthralled with the floor and its
drop cloth
photo by Nicki Sucec of cardboard mural with "la linea" in ammo strip.
For several weeks, we frequented the small city of Seaside, going up and down the sidewalk of a different neighborhood that has a DIY spirit, a carry-on-make-it-work-somehow patina:
Moon's 99 cent store is NOT a chain!
tape skeletons from months or years of efforts (small and large) to make ends meet

More to come  ... that's what this whole blogging thing is about. You move the frame as you go - see it, say it and carry on  - How about you?  Has any Found Art worked it's way into your eye crawl? If so, please send it to