Saturday, October 28, 2017

Found Art Friday 238

Dear ones,
Today is a new day.  This pomegranate sitting alone in a dusty bowl is not even trying to be beautiful, but as it dries, it becomes more elegant, revealing its cellular structure and undercolor washes.

Now this creature is a year old. REmember that book title  "She's not that into you?" - that's this little sphinx. But no matter what, a cat is artistic, just the tail alone.
I only like their furniture - and the canned turkey is good
Viewer discretion or desecration allowed, as now we are going to highlight her gross way of expressing herself:
other times she leaves just a rump
This morning we are happy to report a successful bird rescue.  First birdy drank water out of a spoon.

5 minutes ....
LBJ - Little Brown Job's ordeal is over.  Now go tell your friends to watch out!

Now for the heartiest participants, we post a sort of "Found Poem".  Before deleting the incessant Next Door APP, we took DNA samples and coagulated it into this:

NEXT DOOR APP / first world problems
Looking for talented dog trainer
Police on 3rd Street
Big Cat Footprints
Long shot!
Missing BLOODHOUND Found !!!
 Scorpion in the kitchen
Apricot Thief
Young man with pick up truck
Hair and Nails
Stranger chasing my car
Lost bird
Loose chocolate Labradoodle?
Cocker spaniel at cvs
Pet sitter
Jerky box
Screen repair
Does anyone know?
Piano teacher
Cluster flies
Real diamond ring!
Houses and cars being egged last night
Doll house and babydoll crib
Illegal fireworks
Computer hackers asking for ransome!
Need a good plumber who is prompt
Looking for yoga/stretching
Grab bars
Mexican Chairs
Wheelchair – needs TLC
Rabbit proofer
Missing Cat
Does anyone have a RING doorbell ???
Coyote still hanging around
Kitty Kitty
Skunk Problem

 It's a certain snapshot.
They (US ECONOMY) now put up X-mas at the same time - gag!
Wherever you are, there you are as they say - Have a nice time dancing with the dead this week.  Say hello. Work their spine out.  We need each other.  As life gathers meaning from its opposite. 

Please share a bit so we may re-share it. A form of community supported artful moment making:

Friday, October 20, 2017

Found Art Friday 237

printing palette - extremes capture
Dear ones,
Yes the whipsaw continues to buzz with dark incompetencies while glib blob dodges the jibes with fibs and delusions.  How to keep just the right amount of news in our diet?

Meanwhile, Art Ranger has been busy making prints at Open Ground Studios : a cooperative.  To work there is a delight that lowers blood pressure, both the people and the facility.
In our sojourn there, we travel from quasi-rural to more "urban" and sidewalky environment:
solo cup that has lived through a lot

And what may happen to a stick of gum

More on that Soon ....
We admire all the decision making that went in to this self-regulating community: secret town off Freedom Boulevard.
Our drive traversed at least 10 different crops ranging from artichokes to strawberries to brocolli, to lettuce starts.  For upcoming exhibition "Perishables" Research has taken us far and near to our topic of "The Lettuce Curtain" - what does that really mean?  Through artist's eye  - we crunch images where others crunch numbers at the latest stats on this ill-conceived "borderwall" plan.
This sums it up, here is a border agent doing housekeeping and removing useful devices such as ladders, medieval catapults,etc.
This migration seems ruled by love and hope and work; desire to live lives of heartfelt decency. These longings make a fifty foot concrete wall feel like an insanely wasteful flimsy sardine can or inert lump in the wilderness tossed about in the windstorms of political and economic force. Way out of date.  ASStromonical price in dollars and environmental stress.
Let's all reach for some Yoda.

 From a series called: Moments in Fencing
still hanging on, becoming one through rust splint in time 
We hope you have images that reach out to you this week and that you may send them to Also do you have a favorite shade of green? somewhere in nature or culture, a green hue that you remember to admire.  Your contributions may be added to our green vault.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Found Art Friday 236

Dear ones,
Come to think of it, today our findings are structured by a small collection savored on "desktop" for one reason or another.  Firstly this discovery from Friend in the Bay Area:
 Elf  2017 -  waving?

Elf with mushroom 2015
How quizzical and whimsical that someone, in two separate sitings two years apart, would be leaving these small paintings at the foot of some telephone poles in her neighborhood.  The Art Ranger can relate to the small format of service being provided.  Mild wonderment.

Found art can be Hmmm or wow, why? and huh?  Curious indeed - which is how we would like to remain until the end of our days.

Here are two from of all places, the gym: we like it when we do not understand where a reflection is coming from.  For a brief moment it could be outer space:
a drawing of light that made us curious - what was causing that?  
where the mirror used to be now cosmic or biological
At the gym there are some fellas that grunt and gasp while they work out which causes us to like punk rock or rhumba more than ever.  One gentleman with capped teeth does pose of a child - anywhere any time.  Some of them appear to be having militarized memories.  There are so many different ways to look in a mirror.
Tree sidewalk interface
We do admire the years of work-around here.   The usual human to nature abatement.

What have you eyed lately?
Please share at

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Found Art Friday 235

Dear ones,
Thankfully, there are so many wonderful people in this world. This blog is about finding small moments that lift us out of our continuum where an aesthetic or gutteral splash or dash here and there connects with our own thought entanglements.  Here at the Department of Homeland Inspiration, we are certainly glad there is a category called Vegetable Art:
at The Sandwich County Fair (New Hampshire) where our dear former college roommate serves as a Vegetable Judge.  She gets to put ribbons on squashes and also to stroll around and look at pigs sleeping snout-to-snout.
Yes we tend to play with our food
Not okay, here we are again, (one?) nation under gun, leaking out dire facts about ourselves. On our recent drive through Vegas, we were actually digging the wallpaper, slightly off-center polka dots and the specially spray-painted matching golden ice bucket.  We were developing a soft spot for it. 
Cheap hotel outside Las Vegas
Gold dots that slightly miss
Along with the distressing revolving tragedies, it's been bothering us that the Secretary of State responsible for moderating the possibility of Nuclear War with North Korea says they are "probing"- that's what he calls his attempt at diplomacy?  Perfectly logical for someone who does drilling for for a living ....

Calm down now and breathe ....
Grass Roots Resistance noted by Normi Burke in vast parking lot
A hint of green to be cultivated, a poignant chuckle.  The tree man told us that the heavy acorns this year indicate we may have a wet winter; the trees wouldn't bother if they didn't already know what was coming to soften the soil for germination.

Yep, we took note, we wanted to say Thank You for your slant
Field Work Brewing Company

We will leave you with this - Why? Because it makes us glad for humans who continue to innovate.  How someone had the light bulb spark to realize that if you tilt the roll a bit, gravity and spin will not send the TP wastefully cascading to the floor as it does and has for decades.

If some image comes to take you away from whatever was your day, please send to FAF@Homeland  Sometimes they await friends in the inbox to tell their story.  Sometimes they are lost in the blur of existence, but we intend to improve our folderizing.  Peace to you and your environs.