Saturday, October 7, 2017

Found Art Friday 235

Dear ones,
Thankfully, there are so many wonderful people in this world. This blog is about finding small moments that lift us out of our continuum where an aesthetic or gutteral splash or dash here and there connects with our own thought entanglements.  Here at the Department of Homeland Inspiration, we are certainly glad there is a category called Vegetable Art:
at The Sandwich County Fair (New Hampshire) where our dear former college roommate serves as a Vegetable Judge.  She gets to put ribbons on squashes and also to stroll around and look at pigs sleeping snout-to-snout.
Yes we tend to play with our food
Not okay, here we are again, (one?) nation under gun, leaking out dire facts about ourselves. On our recent drive through Vegas, we were actually digging the wallpaper, slightly off-center polka dots and the specially spray-painted matching golden ice bucket.  We were developing a soft spot for it. 
Cheap hotel outside Las Vegas
Gold dots that slightly miss
Along with the distressing revolving tragedies, it's been bothering us that the Secretary of State responsible for moderating the possibility of Nuclear War with North Korea says they are "probing"- that's what he calls his attempt at diplomacy?  Perfectly logical for someone who does drilling for for a living ....

Calm down now and breathe ....
Grass Roots Resistance noted by Normi Burke in vast parking lot
A hint of green to be cultivated, a poignant chuckle.  The tree man told us that the heavy acorns this year indicate we may have a wet winter; the trees wouldn't bother if they didn't already know what was coming to soften the soil for germination.

Yep, we took note, we wanted to say Thank You for your slant
Field Work Brewing Company

We will leave you with this - Why? Because it makes us glad for humans who continue to innovate.  How someone had the light bulb spark to realize that if you tilt the roll a bit, gravity and spin will not send the TP wastefully cascading to the floor as it does and has for decades.

If some image comes to take you away from whatever was your day, please send to FAF@Homeland  Sometimes they await friends in the inbox to tell their story.  Sometimes they are lost in the blur of existence, but we intend to improve our folderizing.  Peace to you and your environs.

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