Friday, October 20, 2017

Found Art Friday 237

printing palette - extremes capture
Dear ones,
Yes the whipsaw continues to buzz with dark incompetencies while glib blob dodges the jibes with fibs and delusions.  How to keep just the right amount of news in our diet?

Meanwhile, Art Ranger has been busy making prints at Open Ground Studios : a cooperative.  To work there is a delight that lowers blood pressure, both the people and the facility.
In our sojourn there, we travel from quasi-rural to more "urban" and sidewalky environment:
solo cup that has lived through a lot

And what may happen to a stick of gum

More on that Soon ....
We admire all the decision making that went in to this self-regulating community: secret town off Freedom Boulevard.
Our drive traversed at least 10 different crops ranging from artichokes to strawberries to brocolli, to lettuce starts.  For upcoming exhibition "Perishables" Research has taken us far and near to our topic of "The Lettuce Curtain" - what does that really mean?  Through artist's eye  - we crunch images where others crunch numbers at the latest stats on this ill-conceived "borderwall" plan.
This sums it up, here is a border agent doing housekeeping and removing useful devices such as ladders, medieval catapults,etc.
This migration seems ruled by love and hope and work; desire to live lives of heartfelt decency. These longings make a fifty foot concrete wall feel like an insanely wasteful flimsy sardine can or inert lump in the wilderness tossed about in the windstorms of political and economic force. Way out of date.  ASStromonical price in dollars and environmental stress.
Let's all reach for some Yoda.

 From a series called: Moments in Fencing
still hanging on, becoming one through rust splint in time 
We hope you have images that reach out to you this week and that you may send them to Also do you have a favorite shade of green? somewhere in nature or culture, a green hue that you remember to admire.  Your contributions may be added to our green vault.

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