Friday, September 16, 2016

Found Art Friday 207

Dear ones,
We grabbed on to this found art endeavor in part because of you, the people, and the moments you send from your particular patch of earth or sky:
Nicki Sucec on walk in Central Coast

A heck of an eco emoji that is,  with some ghost animals protecting the forest indeed.
Gary Ghirardi - Caracas,Venezuela - at this moment visiting Brooklyn, while making sky into charcoal art project

While the Art Ranger is at her place of work, she can appreciate the grit of her locale:  the old Fort Ord, incomparable with its patinas and the so often neutral grey of the sky.  Officials are busy removing "the blight" but we think its fetching - nearly every rusted inch of it.

 Quiet dune hydrant camo - don't you dare repaint.

Boarders drawing of swoop delight between zots

Soon it is autumn. Do your leaves begin to rattle in a shorter afternoon? Let us know your findings:

Friday, September 9, 2016

Found Art Friday 206

Dear ones,
Alright, we're back in the whirl, back in the saddle - Are you?  Art Ranger thanks the universe for the opportunity to return to her homeland every summer. One of the highlights of the road trip:
Gas Station attendants in Tuba City, Arizona.  99 degrees
Central City, Colorado; silver mining boom began from a gulch here in 1859
To honor our maternal unit, we enjoyed a historic opera, The Ballad of Baby Doe in them thar hills:
We never really thought about putting up a facade til right now. And who etched that line drawing into the side of a building and why?
Minturn, Colorado, also a former mining town featuring new kind of rust bucket on main street
From the yard - how could color act better than this

We didn't know this about almonds and their lovely insides.  Due to rain from last winter, we ate at least seventeen home grown almonds that were not eaten by other animals smarter than us.

Yes, we are back at work now.  Early September known as La r'entree in French, meaning "the re- entry"
How is your patch of the planetary?  Where have you been? Are there moments of surprising meandering beauty? Please send to
For the first time in years, the pond is back!  Found drawing with duck trails through algae.