Friday, June 16, 2017

Found Art Friday 229

Dear ones,
Well we've really gone "meta" now when the lawyer hires a lawyer for himself.  Not rule of thumb, but rule of deranged that endangers. Moving along like pollen in the wind, we live our lives regardless, while context disturbs yet energizes.  CHECK OUT THESE ARTIST PROTESTS:

Even seven years in to this blog, it is still very nice to receive images in the (Found Art Friday) inbox:
Poet, Diane Gage sees that it's Jacaranda season, "sticky with cruising bees" in San Diego.
Which makes the Art Ranger want to walk on bumpy sidewalks where smells trade places with cracked  uprooted squares.

Now that our landscape is getting hot and dry and soft brown, we take this moment to appreciate images from this past winter of what the water wrought:
Here are two notices by Bonnie Hotz in Fort Ord:
Mud man

any crevice, full of possibility

Here's our street a few months ago.  Let us breathe in the freshness and recall the smell.

As we hydrate or partch or patch ourselves.

While in San Francisco very briefly, this snagged our eye:
Drain man probably knows Mud man.
May you have a soul full solstice this week.  Please see what you see and send it to

Friday, June 2, 2017

Found Art Friday 228

Dear Ones,
We the people must watch the show.  Oh woe  -  oh wow - what now.  And on like that. 

Now we must get on with our Found Art, collected and distributed on Friday, a ritual of observation.  Plus some words. 

Man and beast were recently encountered and relished by two of Art Ranger's fellas in two different Central coast cities:
Grocery Store Parking lot.  On his way to Pismo  -

"I don't know what it means, but I'm pretty sure it's true"  said our sister Cara
Maker of custom emoji's of late.  Presently Art Ranger is going to be both lazy and focused and pick a few images from 3 to 6 feet away in the backyard. Which is in fact the american dream:
Our first cabbage patch.
We are enamored of the color as it ages
Chicken dust causes flowers to rise out of a bench

Do try this at home.
May you have lovely week-end or day moment.  Cheers to doing it ourselves about climate whenever possible.  Breathe.  And behold - you found some "art"?  Send to