Friday, January 26, 2018

Found Art Friday 245

Dear ones,
How are we? After the (let it wash us) rain:

it is not often that three umbrellas are such great friends
Well yes, one does feel small while attempting to care so much about so much!
Just stop       -     and yes, TimesUp too

Together, and alone, we must forge ahead, as we did continue our resistance and persistence last week-end at the State Capitol with the sisters and other resisters.  Creative actions that flow from a groundswell of individuals not standing for (this) together, and having better ideas, which creates momentum and that is how to keep this rolling. ...... ........ .....

Did you know that there was a bear biting the neck of horse on the cornice sculpture?  We sure didn't.

Sculptures depicting "War", "Peace", and "Force"
My country 'tis of thee Sweet land of liberty 
of thee they sang .......

Hmmmmmm  one person's patriotism is another's

This land is your land 
this land is my land
from California to the New York Island
from the Redwood forest to the Gulfstream waters 
this land was made for you and me ...

Hmmmmm ....

Beliefs to believe in and live by
 Here at The National Sanity Administration

Note how the ears act as antennae,  sensitized to those around us, which is very beneficial.

 Art Ranger is working on a new email box for community participants, so please stand by with your found art, your tired, your hungry art.  Technology has not been so friendly lately, but rather absurd.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Found Art Friday 244

Dear Ones,
Wow - did you ever imagine needing to say WoW so often? The kind of WOW that causes the jaw to nearly dislocate with the Ow. We prefer the small magical kind of wows.
a duet
To quote guitarist Stevie Van Zandt. "Even though nearly everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, he makes his true thoughts and feelings perfectly clear every day."  We wish it were just a science fiction novel we were reading.  How is it so strangely addictive, seeing what the next alarming travesty is going to be?  Now to quote our grandmother Lanelle, who wore panty hose nearly every day; "Life is the most interesting thing on earth" ....
rain prints
Among the most wonderful things on earth are dogs, of course, and what makes them close to being gods is that they cause you to repeat the same walk over and over again and to see it differently each time.  You are giving the dog and your self ...... space .....
yes, its amazing
Behold the favorite tree that holds the raptor
Birds just love our stuff - they have a cranky whiny chorus each time we round this corner, as though they are what makes it work

Hmmm we inspect the ground together - Squashed abandoned banana peel, first cousin of glove

Friday, January 5, 2018

Found Art Friday 243

Dear ones,
Are you up for it? Shall we continue?  Okay then - we can't help but watch out for art as we go about our everyday existence, so here we go a launching into a 9th year of doing this blog.  Art Ranger will continue to post somewhat weekly from her standing desk at The Department of Homeland Inspiration, wearing her Research and Development vest and a National Sanity Administration Hat.  And you, friends, will hopefully participate by seeing the world slightly differently as you go wiggling along your section of planet and occasionally you'll send pictures to The Art Ranger for our inclusion and consideration.  Pretty please - Or, ugly please, funny please, surprising please?, outrageous please ...... yes, do it!
Farmer's Market Fibonacci
There she isn't ...... no Kitty ...... there there  ..... and everywhere now where there is her absence
Bad Remodel expression
Oh yes, regarding The Bad Remodel of our government, this week we mourn the poisoning planet via ocean drilling plans, as well as the ripping off regular people plan, not to mention........... too many things to mention. ...
If rocks could talk - they would have that day said "Get the %&# off my back" people!
Recently, we attempted to be at Joshua Tree National Park on a day in which there were more people than rocks.  A Disneyification of the landscape and that which we crave to be our "nature" was out of proportion.  By the time our vehicle was finally parked, we wanted to get in a fetal position amongst the rock caves and wait it out, for years.  Yah - all the stupid stuff.  On the way back to the cars we picked up shiny food wrappers visible from outer space.
behind the Visitors Center
The Next day : Toast silhouette by Antony Gormley viewed at Palm Springs Art Museum

Close up of drawing technique
What is your technique for survival? Here at the Department of Homeland Inspiration our goal is to moment sift.  Please send your net fluff to