Saturday, September 30, 2017

Found Art Friday 234

Dear ones,

 Here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration - we're lucky to have a dog we must walk. In so doing, the same path is never the same:
Artistic License? - Our new Business card?

We try not to let it get to us.  But it does, because we're all about percolation, digestion, reflection ....

Mire Poix


Since it is Harvest Festival season, we are are going to celebrate the large category of vegetable named squash and the exuberant way that it grows and plans how to support items that may weigh more than a baby and feed an imaginarty (yes a typo) village.

squash blossom with bee

Squash support infrastructure

aged to bluegreen with scars and stem torque
Do you have pleats or darts or warts?  Please share at

Friday, September 22, 2017

Found Art Friday 233

Dear Ones,
Despite finding ourselves placed on a precipice
erected by two bufffoons
that are way too into their hair
running hot, wagging tongues waging
swaggering wars whilst investigation warms to cut close
around his sick heartlessness while we gawk with jaw agape
at nature's power to completely dismantle human efforts
while tweeting at-risk-for-stupidity senators regarding healthcare debacle
We would like to see (or make) a sine wave frequency of our global anxiety level
Oh yes - here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration, where every day is full of work and play (if we are just able to notice and to breathe .....); the following lovelies and oddities have entered our community inbox:
Bonnie Hotz seeing dinosaur bones
Water smiling
Naval fleet, village or waiting in line
 We'll call them decompositions

Now here are a few more captures from Art Ranger out on the range.  These emphasizing the entrails of civilization:
Somewhere hot in Utah near a skinny horse
Cousin of squashed abandoned glove

We feel a nodule of narrative coming on .......  

Speaking of which, we found this page amongst the 48 years of flotsam and jetsam in the childhood bedroom.  Let's call it Story in a Jar:
Fiction Circa 1983?  We loved our typewriter - the rhythmic sound helped us want to keep going.
Have you changed much?  Please tell us through images or stories or squashed findings ... .......
send to and we will certainly try to weave it in.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Found ARt Friday 232

Dear ones,
While we were "at large" over the summer, a number of images crossed our path and here are some of them:
Richard Anthony reporting from Austin, where you are supposed to "keep it weird" 
It's kind of bipolar for the turtles, which makes perfect sense. Artarama is where mama want to be!

Many of you have experienced the environmentally friendly digital grafitti left by The Art Ranger
on Facebook ((oh geez now what've they done?)). When we notice friends images from a "found art" angle, we often comment "Art Ranger was here!".  Two from a high school classmate whom we haven't laid eyes on in person, for perhaps 38 years: Katie Sweeney Kikawa in Seattle area.
 "How does one survive this?"
Our menopausal teenage brain tries to remember her school girl essence and wonder about this person now, deduced from a few photographs, old and new.
Unearthed from her garden with dismay - 

Art Ranger found this edible mitt to be quite endearing.


Now a few more gleanings from the Colorado Motherlode (Home on the Range) area:
American Classic  - "Pioneer Modernism"?
It does make a difference how and when and where a thing was made!

And this:  A dedicated humor magazine    
We are in dire need of such at this moment! There is not quite enough humor to butter over the toast of our nation as it continues the excruciating "reveal".  Resist and persist we must, nevertheless!

Until we meet again: and we certainly hope that it could be through you sending an image of your own notion of "Found Art" To:  FAF@homeland

Friday, September 8, 2017

Found Art Friday 231: la rentree

Dear ones,
You go away for three weeks and the birds now sing a different song.  Before we get to the scraplings of a visual travelogue from Art Ranger's time out on "the range",  there was this: 
Whoah!!!  - Women's bathroom at the newly renovated SF MOMA
Which made an all out visceral emergency of the mundane errand, especially should you absent mindedly check the news.  But it sure fit as a backdrop of NOW.  Given the hurricanesque torque of incompetence as it re-smacks us in the face daily alongside the grueling groans of Nature: she is fed up and disgusted, having a sheer blow-out.  While the Tweet equivalent of a toxic vomiting disorder continues, each new news breaking and breaking at break neck speed, like there's no tomorrow.  Sure - we have a tiny rain boot and a firepants leg and big Assload of arms. We have cartoons running us over and grabbling our country's assets, bagging it up for themsleves and wearing your sweat equity like diapers under their hairdo, funneled down their slick-haired golden inflated toilet sponge.
"Uncharted territory".  Last year fire, this year flood, this year fire, this year ....
We keep hearing that we are in "uncharted territory" again and again and again.  Now there's also a "cone of uncertainty", which certainly mirrors what the DACA recipients will now have to wear on their heads every day;  so often the most inspiring and aspiring students. Ones who made you love your low wage job any way any how.


As mentioned, we were tasked with the gigantic debris storm of sorting through 48 years of the motherlode of our mother's belongings and entire life.  We now contrast that with weary souls in the current "cone of uncertainty" where nature's force may dismantle object-accumulation in one fell swoop of "eyewall replacement cycles". 
Of all the many thousands of objects, Dad's bench vise is one we actually feel attached to.
............ Breathe ..........
We actually saw this and watched it paint itself a painting with the sinking sun
Like characters in a play, this gaggle of all different old ish chairs sat at "The Pickle Barrel" restaurant in Silverton, Colorado and politely welcomed us  -  though surely gossiped about us after we'd left.

Despite unsuccessful photographs, each chair was fitted with a private wire sculpture underneath the seat to help shore up and flex with the loosened legs.  Art Ranger thrives on tiny moments such as these.

High altitude snacking
 Vignette from Minturn, Colorado
We found this to be poignant
You just keep going regardless - into a new time zone, a new century,a new technology.
We have tried for years to snap a picture of this dead serious sign, just off the I-5, heading west, near the oil fields
Our inbox is gladdened by accumulating a few of your images - hello people out there!: