Friday, June 16, 2017

Found Art Friday 229

Dear ones,
Well we've really gone "meta" now when the lawyer hires a lawyer for himself.  Not rule of thumb, but rule of deranged that endangers. Moving along like pollen in the wind, we live our lives regardless, while context disturbs yet energizes.  CHECK OUT THESE ARTIST PROTESTS:

Even seven years in to this blog, it is still very nice to receive images in the (Found Art Friday) inbox:
Poet, Diane Gage sees that it's Jacaranda season, "sticky with cruising bees" in San Diego.
Which makes the Art Ranger want to walk on bumpy sidewalks where smells trade places with cracked  uprooted squares.

Now that our landscape is getting hot and dry and soft brown, we take this moment to appreciate images from this past winter of what the water wrought:
Here are two notices by Bonnie Hotz in Fort Ord:
Mud man

any crevice, full of possibility

Here's our street a few months ago.  Let us breathe in the freshness and recall the smell.

As we hydrate or partch or patch ourselves.

While in San Francisco very briefly, this snagged our eye:
Drain man probably knows Mud man.
May you have a soul full solstice this week.  Please see what you see and send it to

Friday, June 2, 2017

Found Art Friday 228

Dear Ones,
We the people must watch the show.  Oh woe  -  oh wow - what now.  And on like that. 

Now we must get on with our Found Art, collected and distributed on Friday, a ritual of observation.  Plus some words. 

Man and beast were recently encountered and relished by two of Art Ranger's fellas in two different Central coast cities:
Grocery Store Parking lot.  On his way to Pismo  -

"I don't know what it means, but I'm pretty sure it's true"  said our sister Cara
Maker of custom emoji's of late.  Presently Art Ranger is going to be both lazy and focused and pick a few images from 3 to 6 feet away in the backyard. Which is in fact the american dream:
Our first cabbage patch.
We are enamored of the color as it ages
Chicken dust causes flowers to rise out of a bench

Do try this at home.
May you have lovely week-end or day moment.  Cheers to doing it ourselves about climate whenever possible.  Breathe.  And behold - you found some "art"?  Send to

Friday, May 19, 2017

Found Art Friday 227

Dear ones,
We can't not be distracted by the quaking breaking "news".  It seems ages ago that Comey man admitted to feeling "slightly nauseous" (good sign) .... Meanwhile, the  comb-over, the sad mad Mr. What-not-to-be continues to blow himself up with over-inflation over what can not be just combed over.  Art Ranger became her father cussing at the television in 1972.  We would like to get off this carousel  - yet we are grotesquely fascinated by it. The ratings must actually be so high!

"There is nothing further to add on that." X 500 - We have Spicers, McMasters and Flakes ....

Is this the implosion of democracy?  Or is it the recharging station? 

Mother earth is surely going to rear her head. 

Insert breathing lessons that focus on the color of green or blue tones of nature:
At the Wishing Well (Sackler Museum, Washington DC )-  No one seems greedy - shared are small, basic, unifying wishes.  Moments of intention and wishes we wish for each other 

Bob's Art Lesson   -   Dad grew from art
Downtown Salinas   (We love heavy things that work)
What is America now?  How should we define ourselves? 
Since we can not accept many of the swirling narratives .
Scolds Bridle from 1700's  - we pair it with:
Please send your own randomness to

Friday, May 12, 2017

Found Art Friday 226

Dear ones,
Alas and alack (a severe lack) of clothes upon the Emperor causes we the people to suffer whiplash as ridiculously insecure man continues to jerk himselfness upon the world recklessly.

Art Ranger is therefore even more committed to the Homeland Inspiration service of recognizing moments of visual interest and excellence right where you may find yourself. 
Here is a contribution from sculptor Nicki Sucec in Arroyo Grande, California:
  This immediately sifts us over to "Stir Your Stumps" the saying:
is it camo or code?
We highly recommend saying "Stir your stumps" with a Scottish accent.

While clearing our inbox that hasn't actually been cleared since 2008, we happily discard this photo:
Oh NO it's not! Gwyn but at least we now feel better about how our own hair ends.

The Bracelet Makers Bench

Wouldn't that be a good title for a novel? The bracelets  are custom concoctions that have meanings in lives like a flower arrangement. 
Loose ends meet up and tangle at night.
Gorgeous activism by Jan Lindenthal-Cox   fabulous mother and career woman extraordinaire

As the card we brought home from the book fair says we must:
some great people from Minnesota were present.

Indeed - we try to take our heart with us wherever we go.  See some found Art along the way? Please do send it to Art Ranger's Found Art hotline here:

Friday, April 28, 2017

Found Art Friday 225

Dear Ones,
Found in corner of studio - recycled from previous financial crash/cash grab to comment upon the 100 Daze of Wastefulness:
SOS yes both kinds
With an extra helping of incompetence to go with the destructive delusional delerium of DDT.  Big toxic puppet on a turbulent surface. Same club, same stage. With a smug smirk they grab grab grab.  All the while devouring the survival-energy, natural resources and coffers of (we the people) while largely encouraging all the wrong things.


Oh hark, Art Ranger's communications have become arythmic:  so we'll now share evidence of our whereabouts. With grown offspring, we went to look and touch some rocks to see if the books and the rocks could be closer to each other. 
earth is our mother      sculpted herself
spontaneously evolving group sculpture
We watched our offspring way defy gravity by gathering a lot of of strength, wits and ingenuity.

Remember to breathe  .....  especially if you are on the verge of tears .....
Somewhere near Eugene, OR
Upon our return, it seemed so random to spot a severed troll hand on the deck one day:
 cousin of squashed abandoned glove series

Indeed, we wander and wonder our way through life while being captured by the daily imagery which is quite often stuck to an actual road:
Worm jerky hieroglyph

Art is a state of mind.  Art is often not pretty.

When the world is so full of grandiosity gone bonkers, we call upon the opposite, which is quiet, small and true.

This called to mind our favorite Jack Kerouac haiku:

The little worm
lowers itself from the roof
by a self shat thread

With maybe some beebop in the background. Life delivers surprises:

Found later behind the couch:  Speaking of Trolls, great essay here

Note the male pattern baldness. 

(Sorry, nice old troll who inadvertently became a dogtoy- we're now using you as an idea )
a technological psychological rollercoaster we'd like to get off of.

Are you"WOKE? yet"
Dog Bailey does Isamu Noguchi sculpture installation under her couch.
We look forward to hearing and seeing from you at

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Found Art Friday 224

   Dear ones,
We're all - we've been experiencing a circular glitch where the beginning becomes the end becomes the beginning again  ... ... .... ... ...
as it hits the fan some more
Then comes across our (desk) this soothing "driftwood landscape"
Calm the mind at Asilomar Beach noted by Normi Burke


You see this while waiting at the bank: Now we have Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and Big Candy
dum dums


okay - tastes good though

After several years of experimentation, giving birth to at often two loaves per week, this anatomically challenged bolted wheat boule will not release from its pan.  Back to square three two or one.

 Art Ranger leaves you with this welcoming address:

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Found Art Friday 223

Dear ones,
Dog always takes you up on the offer of enjoyment

Today's found art constitutes pond (scum) (teeny tiny floating leaves) that make color field paintings due to collaborations with animals and weather upon its surface: dog, ducks, currents and breezes, for starters.

May you have a week of breathing regularly and deeply. If along the way, something does become slightly breathtaking and notable, please do send images to the Art Ranger for probable inclusion to:
Nature is always getting back in touch, doing her decomposition and renewals on you.

Friday, March 10, 2017

The National Sanity Administration

Owl Pellet on brass plate in childhood dresser  - we haven't changed much
Surprises from navigating the motherlode

Dear ones,
We are starting a new government agency to go along with the Department of Homeland Inspiration which is:  The National Sanity Administration just by reading this sentence you are pre-qualified for this collective endeavor. 
Collage -lite  - found in studio pile: 2014?
Back to the (found art):  here is a collection of images pulled off Facebook (wait-a-minute - how did this get such big a grip/ bite on consciousness?  These selections are borrowed from stellar people whom have never met but whose images assembled themselves on Art Ranger's desktop, which is often used as a palette we dip our brush into:
Because of X Y and Z,  Robin Brailsford's eyeful
found by Julie Regan, professor and friend, somewhere near the foot of the Himalayas, tourguide of the spiritu

And from the neighborhood,  Susan Needleman's sunrise - so very painterly and atmospheric

Please send us your huddled and tired masses of images some day and we will admire them together with others.  Even though there are so many ways to already do that, "found art" is a peculiar slice:  
Sincerely Best and Cheers too, 
Art Ranger

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Found Art Friday 222

Dear ones,
We have never said WOW so many times in such a short period - have you?
so full of them selves
Here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration, circumstances cause us to post more words  and less often.  Art Ranger the artist feels pulled into a thick vortex of processing/digesting to the best of her ability,  stewing and chewing as the spinning plates, and devouring blades of the slimey agenda intensify. Wow! and again some more Wow.

Here in California, the "atmospheric river" brought its significant slew of storms which (amidst fierce wind and slogging rain) forced us to take our minds off of external ongoings. While the long awaited rain made our gutters sing all night, you got to notice every potentially leaky or badly hung door, every clog, every might-overflow, every barely taped together part of your life highlighted. Literally, the low lying areas fill, including those in your bones. When the spillways actually get used, you are stranded together, which is one definition of family.  By candlelight, we notice the degree to which electricity and internet (like nationhood) were hugely taken for granted and almost inextricable from consciousness.
                  Pleasantly quiet, besides that (one overly-prepared) person's gall darn generator.
Must grow around it
Since when had we truly conserved our phone battery? Instead of this on on on on on on modality.  Have you noticed how people say "I'm at 9%" when actually talking about their battery life? Fused or confused with an actual identity/personage/ and its amount of energy before expiring. Wow again Wow and today more Wow.
system of checks and balances

Meanwhile, we continue our monumental task of dismantling of a home in which 48 years of living happened: found are such things such as love letters from her parents, saved in a cedar box underneath the stairs.  We decide on these to keep:
Dad's letter openers collected themselves from the detritus
Circa 1955 yearbook, inside cover - portrait of perceived American hegemony and influence?
 And this ancestor we would like to clap for :
Our great great great uncle's uncle?

We gave away a GLOBE and noticed the next day that it moved on separated from its clear World Book Encyclopedia giveaway acrylic stand.  This felt somehow fitting (The World) traveling as a sphere all alone to its next destination.

To Lady-of-the-House it is very very hard to not to be defined by ones home and its contents.  Ironically, amidst the chaos she fixated on this object: "Where did this come from? and what is it for?" X 5:
mom - it's a desk (organizer) - a tray - a place where you put - a drawer insert - a thing you put things in

Until we meet again, please send distractions from your world, what visual surprises you have hunted and gathered to: