Friday, December 16, 2011

Found Art Friday 70

Dear Blogospherians,
Here we go again!  Today's found art is nearing the shortest day of the year and thus we share our Frost Paintings.     

And the daily warming. With images of daily happenstance.

For a few months now, The Art Ranger will be in hibernation of the image.  She will collect vitamins and instead celebrate/ wrestle with the word for a while while replenishing the images. Won't you do it too?  Have a lovely holidaze with your people.  See you in a few weeks.  PEACE and LOVE and the gift of the right kind of attention to all people and things.  May justice and effort prevail!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Found Art Friday 69

Dear Members of The Department of Homeland Inspiration,
Here, we celebrate the unexpected moments that can be the stuff of "Art":
"Sunlight Hieroglyphics" found by an Art Vigilante in the Bay Area who waited for optimal light bouncing off windows onto a shrinkwrapped construction surface:
Which seemed to go so well with a swell set of tooth Xrays

Friday Errands from Anony Mous
America's Frayed InfraStucture, make ends might not meet 
and yet another example of patina.

What's on your mind? from Bonnie Hotz
Which makes Art Ranger think immediately of Auguste Rodin's "The Thinker". The new ears are quite fetching.
 Jim Lindenthal sends in this determined feathered creature (perhaps to sing (Christmas) Carols :)
"Is this a glottis?"  It's got to be at least a glottis and a half
 And also from Jim, a riot colored fungi hazard:

This image is an example of the internet turning the whole idea of "authenticity" and even authorship on its head. By a fairly well known photographer, but since we didn't jot the name down, now it is called 13226023366image_web. Some guy, some other country.

Has anything visual given you a smile or a startle lately?  Send it in to

Friday, December 2, 2011

Found Art Friday 68

Dear folk of the Department of Homeland Inspiration,
Today's Found Art begins with an observer in the bay area who sent "little bits of wonder" #1
It's great to have your backpacking trip without even leaving the parking garage. 
And speaking of garages. An artist in Melbourne, Australia is creating 3D paint garage enhancement.

Then, low and behold (where did that expression come from?) These two images appeared on the same day
in order to have an unplanned dialog

(also from friend in the bay area: "little bits of wonder"#2)

Different types of scarecrows anonymously working
snapped out the window by request of the Art Ranger while driving around the mud puddle loving teenage wannabe driver

From Sonya Devine watching an Art installation:

And what is it that makes a photograph be designated as "Art"?  Consider seeking out some photographs displayed as such to determine what you think. Titles can be great doorways.
Left: Allan Sekula, "Churn." From the series "Ship of Fools," 1999–2010. Photograph, 48 x 52 inches
Right: Bruno Serralongue, "Feu de machines, New Fabris, Ch√Ętellerault, jeudi 30 juillet 2009.
Oceans and Campfires: Allan Sekula and Bruno Serralongue, San Francisco Art Institute
If you are interested in contributing your own "bits of wonder" to The Department of Homeland Inspiration, we recommend multiple shots/angles/or types of light - of anything that interests you and choosing the best one. Of course many things already vanish too fast, and that is often just the moment we are looking for.  The next bird on a line, curious fungus, poignant discard, or surprising cloud formation?  Enjoy your week and send images to