Friday, April 2, 2021

Found Art Friday

Dear ones,

We've now completed a full season or so of the Department of Homeland Inspiration podcast.

In this episode we wrestle with our feelings about Beeple "crashes the art world".

See Art Ranger watches out for art, where others may be keeping a watch on red salamanders or the Ceanothus Silk Moth pictured above. This one landed on our studio wall and deposited her pupae in groups of five. She stayed there continuously for at least three days. She was not able to show off her amazing antennae, wings gently fluttering the afternoon breezes. The pupae continue with their process.

Why make art ? when nature shows up at your door all gorgeous like this. Carry on we must.

Whereas in blog world, we welcomed your pictures, now, we welcome your recipes. A voice mail perhaps? Preferably containing garlic. Garlic is as good as ten mothers as the saying goes. 

Peace and Love

Art Ranger


Monday, March 22, 2021

casting pods instead of fishing rods

 Dear ones,

Here's the lastest podcast which stemmed from two conversations with artist, Doris Bittar.

The farther Art Ranger goes down this road, the more we appreciate all the behind the scenes folk in various kinds of productions! 

Now, aside from "art talk", here are some irresistibles from the series 

What ends up next to what:

May your walk bring you too to a visually quizzical state:  why?

Peace and Love  

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Saturday, February 6, 2021

A Dispatch

Art Ranger's latest podcast

Dear ones,

We're spending time in a sonic universe which we hope is a pirate radio station that you would like to tune in to. This space, is also an umbrella from which to share years of writings, amusings, rantings, and sitings. Consider stopping by The Department of Homeland Inspiration today, ....

You could stop in for tea, we're not kidding: 

The Asteroid Belt worn by Powerama

As we wonder and wander bout this earth trying to notice: