Friday, July 28, 2017

Found Art Friday 230

Dear ones:
Airport family portrait with security glow:
The Art Ranger has been moving through the air frequently.

Was sweet to receive this in Art Ranger's recent (found art) mailbox:
"Whenever I see a lone glove, in particular" from Richard Anthony
It's that tussle with you and chaos that becomes our lives.  
Arroyo Grande "junk" shop - what ends up together
At home (that home), we tackle this drawer, you know the one .......
: : : ; :: ;; :'''''' ::::::::;;;{} {}  {} ::::::: arggg gee uhhhh la la la blah blah hee haw  grrrrrrrrrr ......
It gets existential, much more than nothingness would
everyone wants to connect and to see the light
The drawer of unintended  .............. ,,,,,,,,,,Consequences ..........
Where an excess of batteries, refrigerator magnets toothpicks scissors rulers and three-way plugs, duct tape picture wire flashlights sardine keys potato chip clips and bungee cords, wire cutters, paper clips, defunct phones, and yes an amazing number of coffee colored extension cords with different eras of flexible plastics, night-light parts along with a pocketpack of Kleenex from 1990s,  parts of parts, more scissors -7 sizes, a clouded magnifier, crazy glue foamed at the lid, those flat rubber bumpers for under a leg, hello kitty, safety-pins, this and that button, a screwdriver, a terrible plastic clothespin, emery boards reminding us of a certain grandmother on a beach chair - big glasses, and those things you screw a lightbulb into, ever so tiny a toothbrush, thumbtacks, small nails, quite a few screws that rock back and forth on their big slotted heads as the drawer
grows empty but gummy dust
Every house she says
has one of those
In this case, the tide of objects deferred and shoved and randomly slunk and shook itself to the back of the drawer again and again, until you just bought more electrical tape
Finally on this particular day of days,  a paper plate, a lightbulb and a rogue shoehorn, had all fallen down behind the lot of the corner (cabinets-
or dark dark points)
The whole row gone awry
and rendered achingly, vigorously - agape ...
We craved some order, the both of us ...
Sets and subsets of said set

and too many sunset photos to keep.  We just keep having them, mom until we don't and it's great to have been able to notice ..  "
"And miles to go before we sleep"

Oh hark, the summit of summer has way passed.  Oh poignant and slightest dread as days shorten.  Art Ranger is now officially "At Large" which is what it says instead of "Do not Disturb" on our door handle.  Please do collect especially those moments that can not be captured: found (typo "fund") "art" and send to: