Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Earthprayer meets life with boys

We hear this KLONK! and some skittering around at the back of the house .... our youngest son comes running to the kitchen. "Mom! There was a lizard in your bed and so I dropped a crate over it to catch it and ... :

"Well, it was near your bed".

The same boy who brought us this:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Found Art Friday 14

Blogoriginal Found Art this Friday at your service. Amazingly, we are going to be taking next week off of our found art due to a trip to New York, which will probably cause a backlog of stellar moments for you. Here is today:

Seen to the side and by accident by Art Ranger:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big Useful Birds III

 It's a wonder when the chicken has completed her egg laying event.  Often a several minute long chant follows along with call and response to locate flockmates.  Then she drinks some water, eats a snack, and continues to scratch her day away.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Found Art Friday 13

Here is some found art for your Friday:This dear one I forgot to include last week: son Ellis snapped it while bored in a hospital waiting for his friend's wrist to get bandaged. A sconce will never be the same.

Below is Turkey Vulture enjoying warmth by Jim Lindenthal.
Art Ranger admires how birds use our human stuff.

also found by Jim:
Think to yourself - to whom would you like to speak to from this booth?

from our youngest son's series of selfportraits not involving his face.

And gathered from the streets from a friend in Oakland: voila an ipod/not

And from directly from the Department of Homeland Inspiration:
The chickens made this bowl out of some watermelon that no one else here could enjoy. Then they drank rainwater out of it, then they ate it. Local locavore, Lettuce Pray was very sad that I bought an out of season watermelon that had to be transported from Mexico that didn't even taste good by the time I fell for it's sweet looking shape.

Last year's vine tendrils:
WEll, art runs in the family, okay. Our dog Bailey created this:

Perhaps a GrassNess Monster?

You are patient to come this far said the fortune cookie.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Double Terrain Sonic

A few weeks ago, the Ranger participated in an online conference celebrating the work of Arakawa and Madeline Gins: In case you never got as far as registering, pasted below is the video Art Ranger created. The conference was mind boggling in a good way. I showed up on time for some "talks" on the internet and participated in a very intellectual chatroom where luckily someone began to talk about gorilla glue, so I chimed in to talk more about snails even though someone wanted to chat about the teleology of the hegemony of the cosmology and mention a lot of french theoristssss while typing exceptionally fast but not without tpyos. I took notes during the chats that no longer make sense. These artists (and they call themselves coordinologists) managed to inspire papers/ artworks/ thinkers from fields as diverse as biomedical ethics, dance, architecture, poetry, philosophy, educational theory, translation, and onward. Ranger enjoys the writings of this collaborative team in a thorough way. They use poetry the way you might use plumbing or foundation. One sentence can last you all day. And besides, they actually knew Marcel Duchamps personally and he's a big Dada for us.

For the New York finale:
On April 30th, at Barnard College in NYC, your Art Ranger will "present a paper" which could mean, standing on her head, or projecting a dvd with layer of live soundtrack by hiring a random band of pots and pans and a pawn shop accordian, perhaps someone who can actually sing a phrase? Or all of the above. She'll keep you posted about this Art-Made-fresh-to-Order adventure.

And for those braver still, here is a link to the paper/ bookreport that was published at the conference:

Friday, April 9, 2010


Hello Monday,
Sometimes you can be a little down like your bank account. You know, the faucet drips and something leaks and something smells, the icecubes taste bad and the kids scattered popcorn all over the floor and you dropped something on your toe and temporarily forgot how tiny that all is compared to having a healthy family. You need to get fwapped on the head with a ked, perhaps.

Friends sure come in handy. Today, Art Ranger is going to shout it out for her friend Richard, sculpture brother from college days now living in L.A, and working as set artist for tv show "Parenthood" (which I recommend). Richard has been posting a series of "2 minute warmings", monologues and interviews amongst his world and mind captured via videophone - a vlog of sorts. A few weeks ago, he put our lightbulb on about the latin wordroot "inspirare" which goes well with Inspiration and the Department thereof.
Check it out:

So let's all breathe it in and out and be thankful we don't work in a mine.

1984 - A Myth of Creation
A glimpse of Melissa and Richard's performance on the Art Department patio. We did some writhing in mud once we shed those heavy shapes. It ended with a collective jam session with metal detritus from our favorite junkyard. A boy with jaggedy black hair smashed a red motorboat gastank 'til it looked like a runover sardine can.

Goodbye Monday

Found art Friday 12

Welcome again - hmmm, been doing this blog now for twelve weeks? Twelve is an easy number to be friends with. How do you think it's going? Brave it up and leave a comment some day? SquirrelLady can only help us with the technical aspects. She is very content adverse.

Aunt Madge - sent this moment:
which accidently takes Art Ranger right to Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times"
Plus, what a groovy self-assured dog. Even before having our Bailey (below), we always liked that Dog is my Co-pilot Bumper sticker.

Robin Brailsford, who lives right in the crux of this week's SoCal/Mexico fault zone offers the following Event Map:
And since Robin is a premiere mosaic artist and concrete maven, Ranger riffs off the map to conjure a Mondrian on Quake, Lithomosaic patio?

Okay, I'll cut it out with these x-ray things. Again, according to wherever-I-found-it, the creature was saved. Ducky was "cut out" of Charlie the Bloodhound's stomach with a scalpel and sewed back together.
In this case, maybe Shit does not happen.

Look what Bonnie Hotz brought home. Was he organic? Does he have a nice singing voice?

Below, Art Ranger continues her practical technology designs. Such as BloggerLady's new mouse:

Cellular Phone from the year 2000 (readying for the Y2K crisis)
And the Ultimate Cyclist Cellphone

Keep in touch, even if you are just touching little square buttons.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Knot Story

From about 2007 - 2009 Melissa was slowly yet frequently working on a public art project for a new development along the San Diego Waterfront. As many of you in the public art field know, the process of making large scale public sculptures can be arduous and tedious and circuitous and then some. (But that's another story). For these reasons, it feels sane to enjoy and document aspects of the process. Once outbirthed and installed, your sculptures must fend for themselves out in the world and they will not even call you to say hello.

Here is a byproduct of her process:

Friday, April 2, 2010

Found Art Friday 11

Well, here it is - a Good Friday to many.

From Bozeman, Montana, Michelle Aranda awakened the bottom of a dog bowl:
And two from Aunt Madge: Bird of Prey in Snow
And Yellowstone hot bubble geometry
Kinda like blowing a kiss, ArtRanger presents bee geometry, how do they know how to?
Esquire Anonymous composed this:
as well as unearthing a "Greek Laptop" (which reminds Ranger of how her child has taken over her laptop and loves to put items in her Amazon cart, not even the wishlist)
Diane Gage, who brought us Molly, the successful webcam mother owl, has found us "stumped"And in honor of the happiness in her burb:
Speaking of Easter, evidently Snakey thought he was eating some tasty eggs:
according to Mindfloss he was surgically saved by the veterinary healthcare system.
Art Ranger is now starting a pantry of spare images for the Found days, as some you've sent may find future favorable image instances.
Thank you for tuning in to your own departments of Homeland Inspiration.