Friday, April 2, 2010

Found Art Friday 11

Well, here it is - a Good Friday to many.

From Bozeman, Montana, Michelle Aranda awakened the bottom of a dog bowl:
And two from Aunt Madge: Bird of Prey in Snow
And Yellowstone hot bubble geometry
Kinda like blowing a kiss, ArtRanger presents bee geometry, how do they know how to?
Esquire Anonymous composed this:
as well as unearthing a "Greek Laptop" (which reminds Ranger of how her child has taken over her laptop and loves to put items in her Amazon cart, not even the wishlist)
Diane Gage, who brought us Molly, the successful webcam mother owl, has found us "stumped"And in honor of the happiness in her burb:
Speaking of Easter, evidently Snakey thought he was eating some tasty eggs:
according to Mindfloss he was surgically saved by the veterinary healthcare system.
Art Ranger is now starting a pantry of spare images for the Found days, as some you've sent may find future favorable image instances.
Thank you for tuning in to your own departments of Homeland Inspiration.

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