Friday, April 9, 2010

Found art Friday 12

Welcome again - hmmm, been doing this blog now for twelve weeks? Twelve is an easy number to be friends with. How do you think it's going? Brave it up and leave a comment some day? SquirrelLady can only help us with the technical aspects. She is very content adverse.

Aunt Madge - sent this moment:
which accidently takes Art Ranger right to Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times"
Plus, what a groovy self-assured dog. Even before having our Bailey (below), we always liked that Dog is my Co-pilot Bumper sticker.

Robin Brailsford, who lives right in the crux of this week's SoCal/Mexico fault zone offers the following Event Map:
And since Robin is a premiere mosaic artist and concrete maven, Ranger riffs off the map to conjure a Mondrian on Quake, Lithomosaic patio?

Okay, I'll cut it out with these x-ray things. Again, according to wherever-I-found-it, the creature was saved. Ducky was "cut out" of Charlie the Bloodhound's stomach with a scalpel and sewed back together.
In this case, maybe Shit does not happen.

Look what Bonnie Hotz brought home. Was he organic? Does he have a nice singing voice?

Below, Art Ranger continues her practical technology designs. Such as BloggerLady's new mouse:

Cellular Phone from the year 2000 (readying for the Y2K crisis)
And the Ultimate Cyclist Cellphone

Keep in touch, even if you are just touching little square buttons.

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