Friday, November 22, 2013

Found Art Friday 135

Dear Ones,
We received ten words on Tuesday that pushed the cart before the image:
According to the 
frog in the drain
it may rain 

And it finally did.
"Fuzzy heads" from A Villa in San Diego
While performing routine iphone maintenance, we came across "reminders" (that can't be explained to anyone). They are the would-be-photos. Thought orphans that may spawn images.

a woman with a big bandaid on her face doing latin grammar
homework (aloud) in the waiting room

survival molecules

the wild trees


wolf lichen

take control of the memory 
by writing about it

a hummer with jesus on the bumper

the sound of doves

or the humble discarded mattress

bottom of the world

black bumblebees bathing in orange poppy

citigroup wrote laws that congress passed 
to help regulate themselves

a soapy smelling older woman

beeswax ephemera (music)

the spills (music)

"tell the wolves I'm home" (book)

drive by truckers (music)

gossamer gases in interstellar space

Several months since checking the gleanings.  Now to weave images from you folks at large:
All-Season Heads, witnessed by Friend in the Bay Area
Exit Door with non-permissional art, 
Back Stairs Temple, also from Friend in the Bay Area

Thinking ahead, which she rarely does, Art Ranger will be (at Large) due the Thanksgiving, so we leave you this bonus of an art news story of the week:

Lovely imagery to accompany Climate Summit in Warsaw this week: Cough 4 Coal campaign: pink-lungs- worth a read

Our finale, is this deep cultural sample from the Fashion Analysis series:

Which reminds us again, that we are clearly in the wrong business.  Pet get-ups for pet folk dancing is where it's at.

However, our job satisfaction is at 172%!

Have a relaxing holiday - wait, is there really such a thing?

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Found Art Friday 134

Dear ones,
Today again we share our collection of random image happenings:

by Sherry Hastings in the Bay Area.
Sister waiting for brother. Some joie de vivre. Having the time to be full of verve and vigor and being upsidedown. Which we usually forget to do later on in life.
from: cartographer Cornelius de Jode,
The child's perspective brought us here to a print from Speculum Orbis Terrae of 1593, a mapmaker's
quest to describe the land and imagine the inhabitants of the yet unexplored Southern Hemisphere.
Sea Swine Down Under
(did you ever imagine using that thing so often?)

Now we are going to switch tracks. Hop skip and a jump to some Fashion Analysis: 
a whole new Art Ranger category:

Men's Sweater at Target
No really. Okay hush puppy, not jammies, not fancy, so doggish, so kitsch, so cute, so camp. Who at corporate chose to put this out front and center? All needlepoint and pixel. A pillow becomes sweater for someone who likes to stay indoors?  Our countrymen and women seek comfort in a bashed around economy with disposable creditcard clothes. And governmental woes.  But the right hat or joke and it just might work. 

Yep, she's a traveling eye to eye saleswoman, portal to portal, enjoying your contributions.  It's Images or bust - that's our gold.  Please send some moments to

Friday, November 8, 2013

Found Art Friday 133

Dear Blogsports,
You are here! And here we go  - back from our time-warp exile.
Technologically speaking, blogging can involve receiving outstanding spam about eye floaters,
vitreous detachment does cause some disturbing symptoms it normally does not threaten sight. hacklers hacklier hackling hackneys hacksawn hacksaws hackwork haddocks spleen  spelled speller  spelter  spelunk"
We're not kidding.
Phew, our eye opener for the day is this outcropping from Bonnie Hotz:
My hernia through an egg
Several times this week, we read great tributes to Lou Reed such as: Patti Smith's

For that reason his songs have been rattling around and emitting feedback in our head.  So when the dog caused us to walk through this tunnel under the highway, we naturally "took a walk on the wild side" and hummed doo te doo doo doo te doo while capturing this series of images for you: 

Hello Kitty
 And all the smells.
Hello randomness of life.
And thank you for artists such as Lou that sing sang sung about something.

As always, please share images of your own Homeland Inspirations here:

Friday, November 1, 2013

Found Art Friday 132

just when we thought we were over the Squashed Abandoned Glove ....
Dear ones,
Where was the Art Ranger?  She was At large.  In the field.  And home on the Range. Both overwhelmed by the number of humans she is supposed to pay attention to,  and underwhelmed by having only 6 visitors to visit some posts.  Facebook algorhythms decide for you.  But we're back thanks to the enlivening contributions of A. Villa from San Diego:
A collection to be savored and shared in two parts, for now ...
Clean hands
Three - what a lovely number of gloves.
plus ...

The clock makes this so poignant.  Jesus and Mary have morphed.  Well there it is, MoM  - the greatest privilege and challenge the Art Ranger has ever had on this earth! We still do seek to make art just to try to get a taste of creation, that urgency, that heart aflame.  To practice making something out of nothing, we need guts.  So thank you for the reminder to just keep doing it no matter what.

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