Friday, November 22, 2013

Found Art Friday 135

Dear Ones,
We received ten words on Tuesday that pushed the cart before the image:
According to the 
frog in the drain
it may rain 

And it finally did.
"Fuzzy heads" from A Villa in San Diego
While performing routine iphone maintenance, we came across "reminders" (that can't be explained to anyone). They are the would-be-photos. Thought orphans that may spawn images.

a woman with a big bandaid on her face doing latin grammar
homework (aloud) in the waiting room

survival molecules

the wild trees


wolf lichen

take control of the memory 
by writing about it

a hummer with jesus on the bumper

the sound of doves

or the humble discarded mattress

bottom of the world

black bumblebees bathing in orange poppy

citigroup wrote laws that congress passed 
to help regulate themselves

a soapy smelling older woman

beeswax ephemera (music)

the spills (music)

"tell the wolves I'm home" (book)

drive by truckers (music)

gossamer gases in interstellar space

Several months since checking the gleanings.  Now to weave images from you folks at large:
All-Season Heads, witnessed by Friend in the Bay Area
Exit Door with non-permissional art, 
Back Stairs Temple, also from Friend in the Bay Area

Thinking ahead, which she rarely does, Art Ranger will be (at Large) due the Thanksgiving, so we leave you this bonus of an art news story of the week:

Lovely imagery to accompany Climate Summit in Warsaw this week: Cough 4 Coal campaign: pink-lungs- worth a read

Our finale, is this deep cultural sample from the Fashion Analysis series:

Which reminds us again, that we are clearly in the wrong business.  Pet get-ups for pet folk dancing is where it's at.

However, our job satisfaction is at 172%!

Have a relaxing holiday - wait, is there really such a thing?

Please document all oddities, plus humorous and/or visually favorable moments and share them here:

in our one-of-a-kind repository of thought and image:

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