Saturday, November 16, 2013

Found Art Friday 134

Dear ones,
Today again we share our collection of random image happenings:

by Sherry Hastings in the Bay Area.
Sister waiting for brother. Some joie de vivre. Having the time to be full of verve and vigor and being upsidedown. Which we usually forget to do later on in life.
from: cartographer Cornelius de Jode,
The child's perspective brought us here to a print from Speculum Orbis Terrae of 1593, a mapmaker's
quest to describe the land and imagine the inhabitants of the yet unexplored Southern Hemisphere.
Sea Swine Down Under
(did you ever imagine using that thing so often?)

Now we are going to switch tracks. Hop skip and a jump to some Fashion Analysis: 
a whole new Art Ranger category:

Men's Sweater at Target
No really. Okay hush puppy, not jammies, not fancy, so doggish, so kitsch, so cute, so camp. Who at corporate chose to put this out front and center? All needlepoint and pixel. A pillow becomes sweater for someone who likes to stay indoors?  Our countrymen and women seek comfort in a bashed around economy with disposable creditcard clothes. And governmental woes.  But the right hat or joke and it just might work. 

Yep, she's a traveling eye to eye saleswoman, portal to portal, enjoying your contributions.  It's Images or bust - that's our gold.  Please send some moments to

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