Friday, February 22, 2019

Found Art Friday 275

Dear ones,
Parking lot greeting on sunny day (again). After so much drainage and boots and gravity and grates and grey.  Art Ranger has been the opposite of out on the range, or Artist At Large, remaining even more local in these conditions.
eye see you

current receiving and transmitting station
Winter Reboot Period:  A studio is brewing with possible and partial, as well as some maybe, with pieces of certainty, while practicing the usual - simmering, wandering, percolation, pieces of our brain attempting to express or unleash this or that thought bundle to you.  Her purpose is to make things, and to sift the thoughts that come out of her, so she does  - perhaps as others do or don't clean between their toes. She is doing a form of maintenance.
When it's time to paint she puts on her brushes
this way inside and out  - get stitched together
Recently, the Department of Homeland Inspiration received a comment in her rarely used comment area:
 "Electronica has allowed us to freeze and share the moments more so than every before. Trillions of these moments daily sent in microwaves beaming upward to satellites and then downward again rumbling in one's hip pocket. What's this? Art Rangers and other rangers beatifically dialoging and capturing creatures who for most have been forgotten, other than the domesticated kind in form of steak or fast-food hamburger patty. Our wilderness cries out in pain."  said Tyler Blik. 
Thank you Mr Blik for having the gumption to write
Based on Tyler's Comment Play back - Art Ranger's drawing juke box
someone is trying to understand 
 While en route to discovering the art in everyday life, thank "god" we must walk the dog god:
air bubble appreciation day

We name them now  - this one is Carl
Can't explain why.  And moments later we are reminded that sometimes it is okay to not have decided yet, or to not have done your taxes.
Threshold with limbs and shoelace
Have a swell week of winter time, and we hope to hear from you some day at, especially in the form of a found art image that you would like folded in to Art Ranger's perch of field.  Also, feel free to comment and you too may receive a drawing!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Found Art Friday 274

Dear ones,
Here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration where we specialize in "art" of the daily, we invented a job and a badge and a moving desk of discovery.  It seems amazing to have been doing this for nine years now, a quandary of perception, of place, of gnawing on certain bones.
From the series, moments in fencing:

along with rivulets and worm trails
our favorite dancer
While a marvel of a movement puzzle, it makes us really think about the cartilages inbetween and how to keep them moving
The "atmospheric river" has had that effect on our interior weather, we are ebbing and flowing our bag of human emotion water, our capillary exchange, our fluid filled eyes;
Not Okay that monster who is charging around yet not in charge.  At least this causes us to do more core work at the gym, to practice tiger breathing techniques and woman warrior poses to stave off the churn of it, the all day chainsaw feeling of having been robbed, and so many many other defilements:
We hope that you too may be jostled awake by the absurd, beautiful, humorous, ironic, strange or wonderful moment in the space you not just occupy, but create.  Oh Pretty Please   -  share with

Friday, February 8, 2019

Found A r t Friday 273

Dear ones,
Repetition that is never the same is this week's awareness pinpoint for the Department of Homeland Inspiration:
We are certainly lucky to have this particular dog god to insist we move through this particular ecosystem, a walk down to, and around, the pond (formerly) an Esalen, or Salinian watering hole. 
Over the years, the seasons, the times of day - hundreds of visits. Of course, there are the insides (interior weather) that the artist must monitor.
bird that paints itself is back!
Utterly un captureable by a "smartphone" but we insist, we keep trying.  
Birds look at us  ......   trying too hard to look at them and, right then, fly away quicker than consciousness.
heavens they do not like to be stared at.
On location, Art Ranger taps into her inner Monet, where we learned to relish both the words and the conditions of transitory, fugitive, intangible. Colors caused by the light, the water, or lack - the vegetation alive/decaying and both.
Late September, less and less and less water, yet more and more big birds : climate refugees?
the utmost patience for months
Palettes - October grasses and amaranths
To get back home, we must sport it up a hill, to be physically reminded of heart and breath.
and this most springy of color schemes
Do we look more carefully now that we are documenting so many more moments? Or, are we experiencing less? Where is this this vulturized culture cult of the images going?   What do you think?  Please do send evidence to

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Found Art Friday 272

Dear ones,
Truly it is great to be reminded that you do love people afterall:
we drove around the block to believe our eyes doctor.  "Our eyes have seen the years" ..
As well as this:
The photo does not capture the rapture from the road. We had to circle our auto back around to properly honor this mycelium uprising: larger than our shoe.
the world of fungi shall gradually, as we slowly study it,  take over our existence

From Gentleman Jeff, we are together as we have often taken the road less traveled.
Sometimes over and over again while still noticing, while still pedaling:
bicycle commute often described as "the best p(art) of my day"

And SEE, it's the Art Ranger's job to (see)k to put the (art) in the part.

For instance,
this week a man on the phone sold us a Secure Socket layer.  How did we get here to needing one of these? And by needing to be secured, were we insecuring ourselves? Not only that, but we've recently busted out of our icloud storageplan: we're now needing to git on a digital diet. Hmm this Department of Homeland Inspiration thing we started nine years ago, now has costs associated with its upkeep, whilst we started it because it was nearly free speech. It seems that we are either burning something or storing something, all of which entails energy. We certainly did not want to continue with an insecure socket layer, we want to be plugged in, not to blow a fuse.  Technology can  have the same effect on us as hyperventilating all day every day.

......  B r e a t h e .....

This is where a view from water's edge is much appreciated: from Family Dave,

Reading Tea Leaves?  random rocks gather in conversation in tidal cup
Dave is a professional bird whisperer @greenfieldfalconry, which delights us for inter-species understanding.
a shawl of youthfulness
Went to "nature" with dog god: We're back.  Are you?

Continuing the series: Repurposed Artworks: this drawing was from 2016 when Nancy stood for 8 hours in her 4 " heels reciting the letters of dreamers DACA, giving them voice
Portraits of Pelosi
Re-oriented re-purposed art work: Nancy follow your nose. You have sniffed out the foul play,  Please Nancy Now Apply Pressure !!!
picture a number of bheadings taken care of by two kittens.
The next two weeks will difficult for Nancy and we wish that there is strength to persevere with an intelligent outcome.  .  Holding our breath ... ..

 Oh, and this ...  (formerly Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)
now just, (his) children
Oh you who, who made it this far, we look forward to receiving your uprisings here:
Due to the gross weirdness and hubris of Facebook, many people don't visit and consequently, Art Ranger's traffic is down, ideas?.  If you do wish to see more installments, please click on become an email subscriber. Peace in the flux time.