Friday, July 26, 2019

Found Art Friday 291

And how again,

Dear ones,
Did we tell you we were out on the range? On recess, at large, on call, or in the between?
We do hope your own summer will give rise to images or a sidecar of thoughts to contribute to
Before un tethering from her desk chain, Art Ranger will share the following local moments:
Peaches in the Yard: the color of which make us wish to sing love songs in French
We are happy for the baby who shed this terrible bootie on the trail, very restrictive and headed toward painful shoes of the future; they shall not!
Are you kidding us? Passion Flower?  Talk about "a lot of moving parts"

Once again, and daily, why make art when you can just walk around?

We'll be back!  And thank you for visiting The Department of Homeland Inspiration.

....... As we try to distance ourselves .....
The Mueller Time hangover

Friday, July 12, 2019

Found Art Friday 290

Dear ones,
Alas, the artist has been at large and therefore full of gaps. The flowers grow past.  Let us therefore check in with some travel log:  For just barely a Friday minute, we were in a different geography or two:
Oakland, across from "The Lost and Found" (We love the new cladding)
San Francisco, "Chinatown" side street
corner fashions we certainly didn't know existed before
Back home again:
Where were we?
Gladly, Art Ranger's inbox was graced by Mandy of de Ville, a different kind of witnessing behind glass: 
 Accidentally walked through part of a web on my sliding glass door one day.

The maker returned to repair it after dark. 

Brave and fascinated am I from my safe side, admiring the artist at work.

Whereas, we humans seem so lacking in finesse, continuing to burn the place up.
Oh dear dear written hear = largest (thickest) non petstore snake ever witnessed, the photo doesn't do its heft the justice
We want to stay calm and cultivate as much woman warrior as possible, to try to be steady as we study: while processing horrors (current "events"), things we hear of while not directly experiencing hideousness, yet not wanting to not feel the horror, the horror, the horror. So where to store it, how to extrude it into art.
100s of pounds of plums this year, plum crazy this year, plum gorgeous things with their own skin biomes

 Just say OM and eat a plum and 
see how much better?

The Department of Homeland Inspiration is inspired by your homeland as much as our homeland - what is that anyhow? Home and land, where your head lands? Art Ranger looks forward to 
seeing your findings at :