Friday, July 8, 2011

Found Art Friday 58

Dear Blogofolk,
Today's Found Art will be the last serving for a while:  the Artist will officially be At Large and replenishing her points of view.  Good for the soul - won't you do it too and join us down the road?
 Adorning the top of a trashcan in San Francisco.  Okay, we're still wondering - who? what? why? So deliberate and extra-terrestrial with extra syrup even.
And from a friend in the bay area:  "lost found art"  -  all that is left of a SAVE OUR LIBRARY grafittied plea on the sidewalk.
Look what Anony Mouse discovered at a resource recovery facility:
Here come two pics from Bonnie Hotz who has had some California adventures off the beaten path:
 why bark when you can be a naked tree?
and we'll call this one: shapeshifter for the dog mountain symmetry instant..
Have some supreme relaxation or hectic fun this month. 
Peace and Love! We'll be back!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Words of Wednesday were

Heck,  Friday is gone and now it's already Thursday again.  After our one year and a half of service at The Department of Homeland Inspiration, we have received a badge in the mail that is hard to read which means, we will have to explain it to folk.  This will be especially useful while The Art Ranger, A.k.a. Artist At Large is going to be out on the range for summer recess from July 9th until late August.

Meanwhile, we will share with you some random words that have collected on the backs of envelopes and postit notes and receipts and gum wrappers as we amble and ramble along our days as a chauffeur, erranduer, chef, crumb catcher, dispatcher, dog exerciser, art digester ...
      Summer Radio Slices since we purchased our son a pair of Wrangler Jeans: 
I got to git some gravel in my road
(2 different days, different songs)
 I'd like to kiss you out in the sticks
I'd like to take you home and check you for ticks

it ain't easy to move a mountain
(different station)
... out of the blue comes my dear Tom Waits with the:
recycled stories in a naugahide booth  
From an early Saturday morning driveby thought arrival:
Tired tables of dross
for sale on the lawns of California 
And finally,  from the Goodwill in Union City, CA, a selection of .50 vinyl LPs:
Sol Soul Disco
The Persuasive Trombone
Malavsky Family
The Singing Nun 

OKAY NOW, tomorrow will be the last Found Art Friday for several weeks so bring it on!  Please be on the vigil for images and moments of note as you circulate along this magnificent earth in summer.