Friday, July 8, 2011

Found Art Friday 58

Dear Blogofolk,
Today's Found Art will be the last serving for a while:  the Artist will officially be At Large and replenishing her points of view.  Good for the soul - won't you do it too and join us down the road?
 Adorning the top of a trashcan in San Francisco.  Okay, we're still wondering - who? what? why? So deliberate and extra-terrestrial with extra syrup even.
And from a friend in the bay area:  "lost found art"  -  all that is left of a SAVE OUR LIBRARY grafittied plea on the sidewalk.
Look what Anony Mouse discovered at a resource recovery facility:
Here come two pics from Bonnie Hotz who has had some California adventures off the beaten path:
 why bark when you can be a naked tree?
and we'll call this one: shapeshifter for the dog mountain symmetry instant..
Have some supreme relaxation or hectic fun this month. 
Peace and Love! We'll be back!

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