Friday, April 12, 2019

Found Art Friday 280

Dear ones,
It is actually possible for humans and "nature" (what we call this broad array of things that are not us) to collaborate. We are proud to report this amazing to witness, work project led by our earth steward spouse: Owl Box webcam  
boxes at landfill serve positive purpose for the birds as well as the humans: More about the project
It has been a privilege (that feels slightly odd) to experience this portal into another creature's equivalent of a womb, as well as bird couple/partnership and functioning "web of life" vector. Over the last month, we have observed eating, pooping, pelletizing, preening, and (uh lots) more mating, as well as a kind of boredom fidgeting.  It's impossible not to love this mama as she does her careful and important work. 
Today, she literally got up to stretch her legs in a yoga ish manner, then reassembled and distributed herself atop the brood

Open Space is the place!
Trail hugger
Noticing that we are nature, should help us take care of her.

Micro Greens by Gentleman Jeff.  We would like to mow it the way any ruminant animal would
As another Earth Day approaches, the 49th,  we re-admire and re-read passages by writer and biologist, Rachel Carson.  Good Heavens! Did you know we even named our cat after her?
Rachel Carson, survivor of accidental chemical poisoning, frequent studio assistant
Through our shared admiration/ obsession with Rachel Carson, Art Ranger loves this blog by Maria Popova, writer, cultural critic, and arranger of art works by others: such as this collaboration spawned from Carson's bird notation notebooks. 
From the series: Keeping an eye on things
Work in Process - A Mash-up
note found in studio  -  hmmm   
Back to where we started.  Molecular levels.  Keeping an eye on things.  Art and activism clapping their hands together.  And any revelations by you will be embraced, wondered over:

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Found Art Friday 279

Dear ones,
Simply this, we are still momentarily captivated by the lush, exuberant version of Spriiiiing, and you?  What near you? has metamorphosed, unfurled, fragrantly, lilted along by water and weather and will to walk?

Doesn't it get tedious to be inside ones own head? (for anyone), and that is why there is art, allowing us entry into another one's mind, another's expression session, sometimes from a different century, sometimes a different neighborhood or body:
@dianegage, a poet known for "crack gardening"

Today, we feature some words and images by Diane Gage, both a poet/artist, and purveyor of poems to others.  While (nearly weekly) Art Ranger furnishes found art to the Department of Homeland Inspiration, Diane writes and/or sifts poems, punctually e shared on Sunday, for what moment she finds it is.  Whole books creak shut by comparison.
Examples of Haiku falling out of her constantly:
small Perturbations
in the alyssum -tiny
finches are feasting

in balmy spring air
my edges soften and blur
this sweet world - c'est moi
Poetry should seep in, we agree and thank Diane for enlivening it regularly.
every inch acts extraordinary
Oak blossoms unseen ever this vibrant, teaming ... bee haven smell emporium
Yes, tadpoles! at Watershed Prayer Station
  Please consider writing/recording your own haiku which will fit on a postit note:
"In haiku, I stick to the American haiku form - 3 lines, 5/7/5 syllable pattern - since I live in a 50s neighborhood and all and that’s when American haiku took root.  There are purists who disapprove, but . . . I persist."  says Diane Gage, featured.
Art Ranger signing off now, as our font has gone bonkers and google won't listen because it's gotten too big for its ears. We hope you can find bits of poetry in your multi threaded day and that you may
accidentally compose a haiku while driving or brushing your teeth:

Friday, March 22, 2019

Found Art Friday 278

Dear ones,
Today at The Department of Homeland Inspiration, while a lush Spring springs forth, we have stumbled upon our "found art" in the backyard, or a walkable radius of our home:
back yard blossoms palette:
purveyors of smell and renewal, nourishment of bees, beginnings of fruits and seeds

this appeals to us more than some of our "art" 

Clear broth, water trapped in stumps
Pretend you carved this woodcut
Oh - we get it now! Dear geese couples, after all these years, we see how your markings meander in the ripples as you move.  One honk and we are instantly back in our childhood neighborhood.

Shhhhh - Bird Who Paints Itself Shhhhh .... we believe has something in the oven, day in day out .....

A lone bone helps remind us to dance avidly and eat plants

May you have a stumble worthy week (as the unraveling continues) and we look forward to seeing the detritus from your eyes:
A gal's gotta dream ...

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Found Art Friday 277

Dear ones,
As you may have experienced, your Art Ranger, despite her image-based practice, is prone to rants and riffs which occasionally hijack this here blog. Today, our dispatch from The Department of Homeland Inspiration is a build up of utterance from her own shocked and shocking mouth struggling to process, or release steam from her pressure cooker:

Our podcast for you brave ones:

Those little warning symbols denoting hazards to human health seem not sequestered in a lab, but spewing, leaking, roiling throughout our daily rollercoaster ride.
What is it about randomized squashed detritus that satisfies our quest to compose?
lone lady taking pictures of trash again
For others, it's dust that draws ....
Do we have less in our brains? Or, more? due to the 13,000 photos in our machine, cloud?
How are you holding up?
Please send evidence of your pocket of planet to

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Found Art Friday 276

Dear ones,
Do you allow yourself to stop and wonder why, how?  We certainly HOPE so. This week Art Ranger has trained her lens on Repair, both the notion and the visual evidence.  Do you have some repair to share?
Textural joy over floor patch:  KALA Institute in Berkeley, field trip with members of Critical Ground
After decades of earth loving consciousness, composting, and thrift store shopping, there is ever more to consider regarding reducing and re-using. Especially after listening to Yvon Chouinard talk about his business: a man who has forged and invented his life, pioneering in contrast to bogus excess and exploitation. How refreshing! The light bulb was further lit inside of us about trying to make things last. Never again shall we purchase those plastic (Target) hangers that break and die in lazy refuse crap heaps.

re-pair, put back together, a physical remembering, literally re member, get back in touch with it's whole.  Perhaps even strengthened by such attention
If you care, we must learn more ways to extend, to renew
to REpair, or to mend,  we dare you to darn

Heck, we figure we can fix our broken clay bread cloche by using the sourdough itself, since historically the stubborn sticky stuff has used to patch buildings.
Named Darlene
 Letting the repair bake in right alongside the bread.

Perhaps it's time to re-tune your guitar, a form of repair to harmony.
Or, re-purpose a sturdy bike spoke to re-handle a broom (years ago)
From the series, Moments in Fencing
 Repair, the verb "repare" in French means to return to your country of origin, homing in ....

Or, rehone, refine, and re-enjoy your knives.  Nothing lends itself so well to renewal as a good knife in the hands of the smiling man named Chad at the farmers market: Restoration Edge
No knife is too serrated or dilapidated for this craftsman
Sometimes the thing you love most is the more worn, threadbare, re-repaired one because it's  survived with you and recorded your actions through its softness, meanings gathered in its wounds and weaves rubbed on rock faces remembered by gripping (for life) knee bones.
 Even when they've become men, a mother can still be leaned on to perform useful, unglamorous stitches learned as a Girl Scout, aged eleven.
Man in parallelogram with rock and tree with Man-with-dog
With will and determination, one can even repair identities, souls, friendships, insides ....

Now to share a collaborative art work by some kind, fierce women, called ToDo Mending : our favorite (social practice) art of recent (healing needing) months as they've beautifully addressed this thoughtful and metaphorical type of repair.

Have a reparable if not remarkable week as we all trundle along, and it would be dear of you to send evidence to:

Friday, February 22, 2019

Found Art Friday 275

Dear ones,
Parking lot greeting on sunny day (again). After so much drainage and boots and gravity and grates and grey.  Art Ranger has been the opposite of out on the range, or Artist At Large, remaining even more local in these conditions.
eye see you

current receiving and transmitting station
Winter Reboot Period:  A studio is brewing with possible and partial, as well as some maybe, with pieces of certainty, while practicing the usual - simmering, wandering, percolation, pieces of our brain attempting to express or unleash this or that thought bundle to you.  Her purpose is to make things, and to sift the thoughts that come out of her, so she does  - perhaps as others do or don't clean between their toes. She is doing a form of maintenance.
When it's time to paint she puts on her brushes
this way inside and out  - get stitched together
Recently, the Department of Homeland Inspiration received a comment in her rarely used comment area:
 "Electronica has allowed us to freeze and share the moments more so than every before. Trillions of these moments daily sent in microwaves beaming upward to satellites and then downward again rumbling in one's hip pocket. What's this? Art Rangers and other rangers beatifically dialoging and capturing creatures who for most have been forgotten, other than the domesticated kind in form of steak or fast-food hamburger patty. Our wilderness cries out in pain."  said Tyler Blik. 
Thank you Mr Blik for having the gumption to write
Based on Tyler's Comment Play back - Art Ranger's drawing juke box
someone is trying to understand 
 While en route to discovering the art in everyday life, thank "god" we must walk the dog god:
air bubble appreciation day

We name them now  - this one is Carl
Can't explain why.  And moments later we are reminded that sometimes it is okay to not have decided yet, or to not have done your taxes.
Threshold with limbs and shoelace
Have a swell week of winter time, and we hope to hear from you some day at, especially in the form of a found art image that you would like folded in to Art Ranger's perch of field.  Also, feel free to comment and you too may receive a drawing!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Found Art Friday 274

Dear ones,
Here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration where we specialize in "art" of the daily, we invented a job and a badge and a moving desk of discovery.  It seems amazing to have been doing this for nine years now, a quandary of perception, of place, of gnawing on certain bones.
From the series, moments in fencing:

along with rivulets and worm trails
our favorite dancer
While a marvel of a movement puzzle, it makes us really think about the cartilages inbetween and how to keep them moving
The "atmospheric river" has had that effect on our interior weather, we are ebbing and flowing our bag of human emotion water, our capillary exchange, our fluid filled eyes;
Not Okay that monster who is charging around yet not in charge.  At least this causes us to do more core work at the gym, to practice tiger breathing techniques and woman warrior poses to stave off the churn of it, the all day chainsaw feeling of having been robbed, and so many many other defilements:
We hope that you too may be jostled awake by the absurd, beautiful, humorous, ironic, strange or wonderful moment in the space you not just occupy, but create.  Oh Pretty Please   -  share with

Friday, February 8, 2019

Found A r t Friday 273

Dear ones,
Repetition that is never the same is this week's awareness pinpoint for the Department of Homeland Inspiration:
We are certainly lucky to have this particular dog god to insist we move through this particular ecosystem, a walk down to, and around, the pond (formerly) an Esalen, or Salinian watering hole. 
Over the years, the seasons, the times of day - hundreds of visits. Of course, there are the insides (interior weather) that the artist must monitor.
bird that paints itself is back!
Utterly un captureable by a "smartphone" but we insist, we keep trying.  
Birds look at us  ......   trying too hard to look at them and, right then, fly away quicker than consciousness.
heavens they do not like to be stared at.
On location, Art Ranger taps into her inner Monet, where we learned to relish both the words and the conditions of transitory, fugitive, intangible. Colors caused by the light, the water, or lack - the vegetation alive/decaying and both.
Late September, less and less and less water, yet more and more big birds : climate refugees?
the utmost patience for months
Palettes - October grasses and amaranths
To get back home, we must sport it up a hill, to be physically reminded of heart and breath.
and this most springy of color schemes
Do we look more carefully now that we are documenting so many more moments? Or, are we experiencing less? Where is this this vulturized culture cult of the images going?   What do you think?  Please do send evidence to