Friday, December 13, 2019

Found Art Friday 297

Dear ones,
How can we not clapclapclap for this week's culmination of gavel clacking?  - to those who've been working to untangle the befouled tentacles of this blown-gas-con clown cloud of sadness disguised as hair.  We're (sad for the sweet word (peach) to be sandwiched in there) but glad something resembling a consequence is actually unfolding for the record.
from the series, Re-purposed Artwork : Knickers in a Twist?
de-posed and dispossessed with your tax $$$s in foul mouth

 Switcheroo .....

b  r  e  a  t  h  e  e e e e a a a a t h h h h  e e e e

And now for some weather related sitings :
such as sidewalk rain painting
Squashed Things:  especially creepy when plastic masquerades as wildlife
the underneaths

 Well - have a great week or moment, and please share your art findings here:


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