Friday, August 16, 2013

Greetings from The National Sanity Administration!

Dear Ones,
Some summer left summary:
While the Artist has been at Large and the Ranger out on the Range, we have gathered a few thoughts.  For kids these days, summer ends at all different times, unceremoniously. Some are already in a hurry to already take tests. 
We hope that you have been experiencing some perfectly ripe fruit or a blossom at its absolute peak, things that only this sweet season can bring about.  Perhaps an over-sized moon.  Maybe some bare feet upon a new surface.  Green lawn in the wrong place for a short time. Or a new kind of smoothie.

Don't know about you but, the Art Ranger has been rather captivated by the NSA, Edward Snow Den drama.  Everything is still fuzzy like those Russian winter hats.  People seem to either think "hero" or narcissistic fool.  Not much inbetween.  We knew we were metadata - just not how much.
Holy Cow!! Please go Solar.  Please compost your food scraps and make energy  - something!
Tell you what, if the A Ranger had some $$ to invest, it would be in DATA HALLS. What a gargantuan coal-fired-energy-extravaganza to store and enable all those servers to purr 24/7 x infinity and to not overheat or overeat its citizenry. See all them servers in your mind, wearing little aprons carrying trays of hot data.  And they themselves all need to eat in order to feed the need.
Edward online a few years ago - perhaps a protesting nun in training?
How could Edward hold all that information inside himself? *
He must have been "snowed in" by all that OMG data and so he just had to leak, like kids do.  Plus, there are holes in everything, we are just lil molecules holding hands. We're glad there is Booz in the subcontractor's name, because our country (that we actually love very much) is certainly addled and bamboozled by computers and subcontracting the subcontracts for maintaining and swaggering it's military aggranda.
Or did Edward just botch the job?
In honor of this mother of all METADATA moment, we at the the Department of Homeland Inspiration have started a new NSA which is: The National Sanity Administration. Yes, that's right. 

A thought collage brought to you by Art Ranger + google images, scissors, and glue
You have been pre-approved for participation in our NSA just by reading this far.  What do you do? to keep acquiring knowledge and yet stay sane?  Name yourself a great sanity producing activity - such as making a strawberry milkshake ... Or doing exercise that makes sweat drip off the end of your nose ... Or knitting. What gives? What replenishes? What allows you to calm down about world events or local politics and put them in perspective?  Like all art, you don't need to have an answer, but you do need to question.

As far as the Art Ranger's usual Friday posts, we'll be back right after Labor Day. So please join us with your contributions, your found art/Art moments, and your own activities for the National Sanity Administration at any time:  

*painting by Peter Paul Rubens, circa 1617, "the Head of Medusa". As this story unfolds...