Friday, March 27, 2015

Found Art Friday 174

Dear Ones,
We are striving for a Haiku of the visual.  This week our inbox was adorned with:
More "Grafitini" from Friend in the Bay Area
"The arrow points to the "casual carpool" line, where folks wait for cars driving to SF in the morning, with two of them piling into each and giving the driver a discount on the toll."
Let's hear it for our burgeoning bartering economy.
And Bandersnatch Grafitini ( from 2012 )

A different sort of carpool.

As many of you know,  Art Ranger is obsessed with technology and its role in shaping our lives. So when we heard  Marc Maron say this, we scribbled it on the back of a receipt at a stoplight:

"This is where we are as a culture ..... It's all NOISE -  just draining, demeaning NOISE that pokes you. It's all a yammering racket pushing its way into your life with varying degrees of intensity ..... How many machines do ya have to turn off to get some peace of mind?  ....   huh, how many?"

We recommend this delightfully cranky person who shares long conversations with creative people about their processes on his WTF podcast.  Ironically, we are all part of this "yammering ......."

Then this stopped us in our tracks:
A very colorful death 

Now this moment from the commercial world

And we bought this just because .....  we thought it said GOOD MOTHER STALWART ....

How is your world holding up?  Please send us evidence at

Friday, March 20, 2015

Found art 174

Dear ones,
Suppose you find this on the floor of a teenage bedroom?

You just go about your business getting socks out of the way and hope that the kid will some day put this visual imagination to great use.  Seems to be how the "peace" and climate change talks are going.

 You can think outside the box, but can you catch any of it?

A blogist bloggrrr...  such as the Art Ranger who has recently quoted John Berger's Ways of Seeing might as well now look at the late essayist, Susan Sontag from Against Interpretation (circa 1965).  Her piece, The Anthropologist as Hero opens with: "Most serious thought in our time struggles with the feeling of homelessness.  The felt unreliability of human experience brought about by the inhuman acceleration of historical change has led every sensitive historical mind to the recording of some kind of nausea, of intellectual vertigo".   Whew - look at us now, Susan!
Fort Ord:  Seaside, Califonia
Do you feel inside out?  Or outside in?

California drought flipflop
Have you gotten a chance to smell the flowers lately?  Do your people keep doing this :) or this ;) or this :( to you?  When did they start doing this?  Would love to hear from exactly you right here and now (or even then):  FAF@homeland

Friday, March 13, 2015

Found Art Friday 173

Dear ones,
Today's found art was just lying on the ground and came up to say hello:
Said by Diane Gage - creator and participator, as well as provider of  "Poem of the Week"

 answered by dog fallen blossoms here too

Now a doozy from Bonnie Hotz:  "have you ever noticed the similarity between a hardball without its casing and dog vomit?"
why of course, we are friends

And ground has shown us instead of Squashed Abandoned Glove

Squashed Banana Glove in parkinglot decay

That is all, but it is really not at all.  Please share a moment of yours that was cause for pause at

Friday, March 6, 2015

Found Art Friday 172

Dear ones,
The inbox was graced with this gift from the east coast:
Philly Snow Woman from Scholar Julie Regan
Especially enjoying her hair doo and rare snow boobs
Snow woman is friends with ancient art treasure:
28,000 B.C. Venus of Villendorf

And mysterious telephone pole base offering from Friend in the Bay Area.

Posted prominently outside the Visual and Public Art Department

OKAY okay -  that is part of what we artists do.  On some level.  We HELP the world by expressing inconvenient things
and we push buttons.  Belly buttons
neck and eyes and nose and toes buttons - sure, we do self-reflection, but we mesh it with big world digestion.
We do service in this world by shaking things up and pulling attention along thoughtful corridors  providing shared expressive relief.

You must be ready for another quote from John Berger's book Ways of Seeing:
....... History always constitutes the relation between a present and its past.  Consequently fear of the present leads to mystification of the past.  The past is not for living in ; it is a well of conclusions from which we draw in order to act.  ....

Veterans and their families:  Protest every Saturday morning for ten years:  Farmers Market:  Downtown Cleveland.
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