Friday, March 13, 2015

Found Art Friday 173

Dear ones,
Today's found art was just lying on the ground and came up to say hello:
Said by Diane Gage - creator and participator, as well as provider of  "Poem of the Week"

 answered by dog fallen blossoms here too

Now a doozy from Bonnie Hotz:  "have you ever noticed the similarity between a hardball without its casing and dog vomit?"
why of course, we are friends

And ground has shown us instead of Squashed Abandoned Glove

Squashed Banana Glove in parkinglot decay

That is all, but it is really not at all.  Please share a moment of yours that was cause for pause at

1 comment:

  1. and no, he didn't eat the ball! He ate a deer leg! yuck yuck and yuck...Melissa you're a brave gal...the flowers are MUCH nicer! Have a bloomin good week!