Friday, March 20, 2015

Found art 174

Dear ones,
Suppose you find this on the floor of a teenage bedroom?

You just go about your business getting socks out of the way and hope that the kid will some day put this visual imagination to great use.  Seems to be how the "peace" and climate change talks are going.

 You can think outside the box, but can you catch any of it?

A blogist bloggrrr...  such as the Art Ranger who has recently quoted John Berger's Ways of Seeing might as well now look at the late essayist, Susan Sontag from Against Interpretation (circa 1965).  Her piece, The Anthropologist as Hero opens with: "Most serious thought in our time struggles with the feeling of homelessness.  The felt unreliability of human experience brought about by the inhuman acceleration of historical change has led every sensitive historical mind to the recording of some kind of nausea, of intellectual vertigo".   Whew - look at us now, Susan!
Fort Ord:  Seaside, Califonia
Do you feel inside out?  Or outside in?

California drought flipflop
Have you gotten a chance to smell the flowers lately?  Do your people keep doing this :) or this ;) or this :( to you?  When did they start doing this?  Would love to hear from exactly you right here and now (or even then):  FAF@homeland

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  1. i LOVE your teenager's arT - are those shrooms I see!