Friday, January 27, 2012

Found Art Friday 74

Dear Blogofolks,
We are already seeing the sprouts of spring after being able to spot some rain paintings.
Then comes a triplicate from Jim Lindenthal, which links with The Squashed Abandonded Glove Series and its many cousins:
Insert juxtaposition by Art Ranger with a bluesy soundtrack "somedayover the rainbow ..."
 Sightings Nearby
some things beg for a story
Art Ranger Responds in kind with floating textury item from our Costa Rica trip
And the grand Finale, is a link to a link provided by (Aunt Madge that is about another kind of found ness.  This involves the sculptural art of transforming Found stuff. In this case (a must visit) musical house:
Have more than a knock on wood kind of week. Send images to
Must be time to turn the soil in the garden by now.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Found art Friday 73

Dear Blogoshpere, 
Right around when the Art Ranger has decided that she is tired of the self-imposed obligation of Found Art Friday and thinks it is time to put it aside for a while, some  great materials arrive. This is the whole point, that as you go on living in the world with image consciousness, art multiplies.
From Daniel Hastings of the Bay area. "It was one of 4 that was being destroyed by sledgehammers and literally dragged into a large steel debris container. I collected the body along with as many spare parts as we could fit in the truck" some art is art as it fuses with story.
A few weeks later, still in tune. Sanded, cleaned and legs repaired. It now also has a top, but I actually prefer it without. Started piano lessons last week. Long live FAF! Daniel is the a multi-faceted artist and creator of the "H" collection.  Dying to take a rag and oil that piece of workmanship.

 Also from the Bay Area we have more of a subset of street art she dubbed grafitini:
Cosmic Parking Space and Pink Animal
Art Shot from Bonnie Hotz
It is great when images leave you something to work on, which somehow works well with:
Son Noah's eye in Costa Rica

Hope you can enjoy your weather this week. We have rainsoaked colors and textures here.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Found Art Friday 72

 Welcome to Found Art Friday,
Today the "art" that was designated as Art is this 2 minute hero journey from our recent adventure in the rainforest:

Billions of years before humans walked the earth, insects were doing their own agriculture.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Found Art Friday 71

Greetings Blogoshperians,
And Happy New Year! This first 2012 Found Art Friday begins with a hello from Sonya Devine's Soba drink. (Perhaps an eerie leery cheery consumer confidence indicator)?
Now the Art Ranger shall begin to blog on about where she was recently out on the range in the amazing country of Costa Rica. The following are fungi from the rain forest that caught our eye.

Fittingly, it was raining in our walk through the rain forest.  A tiny frog the size of your thumbnail was singing loudly enough for his love to be located by our guide and displayed on a leaf.
Fungi al Contraceptivo ?
"Mimosa" is what the smiling guide, who had repaired her own hiking boots, called this one.
How about Popcorn fungi?
This bark painting by nature was right near our hotel's on site composting operation, which involved food scraps, gardening detritus, tobacco leaves (natural pesticide), worms, etc.  That over-worked word, Sustainability actually might work.
Have a worthy week and take some walks into the new year with us.  Remember to send your images to