Friday, January 20, 2012

Found art Friday 73

Dear Blogoshpere, 
Right around when the Art Ranger has decided that she is tired of the self-imposed obligation of Found Art Friday and thinks it is time to put it aside for a while, some  great materials arrive. This is the whole point, that as you go on living in the world with image consciousness, art multiplies.
From Daniel Hastings of the Bay area. "It was one of 4 that was being destroyed by sledgehammers and literally dragged into a large steel debris container. I collected the body along with as many spare parts as we could fit in the truck" some art is art as it fuses with story.
A few weeks later, still in tune. Sanded, cleaned and legs repaired. It now also has a top, but I actually prefer it without. Started piano lessons last week. Long live FAF! Daniel is the a multi-faceted artist and creator of the "H" collection.  Dying to take a rag and oil that piece of workmanship.

 Also from the Bay Area we have more of a subset of street art she dubbed grafitini:
Cosmic Parking Space and Pink Animal
Art Shot from Bonnie Hotz
It is great when images leave you something to work on, which somehow works well with:
Son Noah's eye in Costa Rica

Hope you can enjoy your weather this week. We have rainsoaked colors and textures here.

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