Friday, January 6, 2012

Found Art Friday 71

Greetings Blogoshperians,
And Happy New Year! This first 2012 Found Art Friday begins with a hello from Sonya Devine's Soba drink. (Perhaps an eerie leery cheery consumer confidence indicator)?
Now the Art Ranger shall begin to blog on about where she was recently out on the range in the amazing country of Costa Rica. The following are fungi from the rain forest that caught our eye.

Fittingly, it was raining in our walk through the rain forest.  A tiny frog the size of your thumbnail was singing loudly enough for his love to be located by our guide and displayed on a leaf.
Fungi al Contraceptivo ?
"Mimosa" is what the smiling guide, who had repaired her own hiking boots, called this one.
How about Popcorn fungi?
This bark painting by nature was right near our hotel's on site composting operation, which involved food scraps, gardening detritus, tobacco leaves (natural pesticide), worms, etc.  That over-worked word, Sustainability actually might work.
Have a worthy week and take some walks into the new year with us.  Remember to send your images to

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