Friday, February 22, 2013

Found art Friday 113

Dear ones of yous,
Speaking of seeing, some days that is our digital art form, our frame grab, our take-a-deep-breath:
Here is a trio of appreciation moments from the beach:

 from Normi Burke refreshing in school mailbox
ocean's relentless wash cradle
improves colors

Around that same day, the Art Ranger spotted this deconstruction event
  "the center can not hold"  ish ....
and poignant to her.

  going up against gravity takes a lot.
?  arrived from Bonnie Hotz
An epiphany? Some light done gone up in smoke? This image latches on to memory of AR being in a very serious seminar setting when a fellow student was presenting on a tiny sliver of the history of photography: that of ectoplasm. 
("Ectoplasm is a substance reportedly spontaneously exuded by the bodies of spirit mediums during ritual events. It can have the appearance, variously, of a liquid, gelatinous mass or length of loosely woven cloth (or some combination thereof "). This absolutely struck her funnybone and probably caused uncontrollable ragdoll contorsions of quashed laughter in the classroom:
Antique photograph of medium Mina Stinson Crandon exuding ectoplasm
1920s or so

 (Later it became Photoshop).
 With that my friends, we part our found art of this Friday
by savoring some everyday magic which we never get tired of.  
How do these Big Useful Birds manage such perfection? 
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Found Art Friday 112

Well blogo sorts,
favorite accidental iphone photo

Art Ranger still wishes to provide this service even when our inbox at seems empty. Or dear images have actually been sent and buried in technological. Or you just prefer watching this to doing it, and that is fine.  The beauty of time is that by physics it marches on, the waves and particles gather forward and its images are always renewing themselves in our sensorial presence:
(our lady of squashed gum)

 why there is no actual painting there
Sometimes when you are looking for something you actually find another thing that you didn't remember you were looking for:
 kid with cellphone while grandfather has lens open looking for moonrise

We recently took note that we are now starting our third year at the Department of of Homeland Inspiration blog. These are two re-runs for your participation pleasure.
housing brilliance, perfect drainage
and we are still nestled here between word and image. Please send your found art to You send in images and the blog starts to grow like sourdough starter aching to be made into something.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Found Art Friday 111

Dear Blog o recipients,

Arrives an image causing instant song - life memory graft: 
Richard Piscuscas encounters:  Blue Valentine 
 "I hear Toms voice paint colors.
Red shoes.
Blue valentines.
Diamonds on my windshield. 
And a pioneer of the palate
Right here."

We grew up listening to Tom Waits in the art studio, then went out and made our own music by clanging on metal while scavenging in a junkyard.
Lock and Load: from Richard in Topanga Canyon

A veritable udder of ownerships dangling there. 
One mentor said to us long ago: if you want to be an (artist) you must be committed to "wasting" a lot of time".
The Rock Sculptor is at it again
Found and captured by Jim Lindenthal in Pacific Beach

which makes distribution of mass (and time) seem a curious and lively thing.

Here's a glimpse from our "Pastures of Heaven" neighborhood
What does your walk talk?
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Found Art Friday 110

Dear persons of the blog:
Today's found art friday begins with:
"Who needs a plane?"
Shared by Julie Regan from the Denver Airport.
Which reminds us of what weird sealed jars airports have become and how we are packaged in there.

Concurrently, the Art Ranger spotted these air travel related gems from Robin Brailsford

 When admirers oooh and aahh over Robin's images, and her great percentage of excellence and they ask her what kind of camera she uses, Robin has not much to say besides that she isn't really trying. Yet those who know her know that she has in fact been, for a steady long while, focusing.  Knowing when and how to frame images so much a part of her nature that it is cooked into the oatmeal of everyday choosing and living.

When in the Boston area, Robin here nabs the iconic truth of what people still picture when they think of  
Public Art.
 Okay zaparoo shazzaam !       Let's change gears here and pay a mention to America's Obsessive love ritual with football and the upcoming SUPERBOWL ......   like whatever ......

Okay, this is what the Art Ranger does not relish about it:  these athlete's necks. And how sickening it is to see their spines get thrashed around wildly on instant replay.

And yet here is something that the Art Ranger thinks is exciting about it.  Even as steroidal seeming jacked-up humans, it is amazing what some of them can and will do in hopes of moving that ball thing forward.

That is all for now, except for this:

From the series, Pavement, or squashed abandoned
And as always, send us your findings, your core samples, or what it looks like under your rock.