Friday, February 15, 2013

Found Art Friday 112

Well blogo sorts,
favorite accidental iphone photo

Art Ranger still wishes to provide this service even when our inbox at seems empty. Or dear images have actually been sent and buried in technological. Or you just prefer watching this to doing it, and that is fine.  The beauty of time is that by physics it marches on, the waves and particles gather forward and its images are always renewing themselves in our sensorial presence:
(our lady of squashed gum)

 why there is no actual painting there
Sometimes when you are looking for something you actually find another thing that you didn't remember you were looking for:
 kid with cellphone while grandfather has lens open looking for moonrise

We recently took note that we are now starting our third year at the Department of of Homeland Inspiration blog. These are two re-runs for your participation pleasure.
housing brilliance, perfect drainage
and we are still nestled here between word and image. Please send your found art to You send in images and the blog starts to grow like sourdough starter aching to be made into something.

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