Friday, February 8, 2013

Found Art Friday 111

Dear Blog o recipients,

Arrives an image causing instant song - life memory graft: 
Richard Piscuscas encounters:  Blue Valentine 
 "I hear Toms voice paint colors.
Red shoes.
Blue valentines.
Diamonds on my windshield. 
And a pioneer of the palate
Right here."

We grew up listening to Tom Waits in the art studio, then went out and made our own music by clanging on metal while scavenging in a junkyard.
Lock and Load: from Richard in Topanga Canyon

A veritable udder of ownerships dangling there. 
One mentor said to us long ago: if you want to be an (artist) you must be committed to "wasting" a lot of time".
The Rock Sculptor is at it again
Found and captured by Jim Lindenthal in Pacific Beach

which makes distribution of mass (and time) seem a curious and lively thing.

Here's a glimpse from our "Pastures of Heaven" neighborhood
What does your walk talk?
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