Friday, March 22, 2019

Found Art Friday 278

Dear ones,
Today at The Department of Homeland Inspiration, while a lush Spring springs forth, we have stumbled upon our "found art" in the backyard, or a walkable radius of our home:
back yard blossoms palette:
purveyors of smell and renewal, nourishment of bees, beginnings of fruits and seeds

this appeals to us more than some of our "art" 

Clear broth, water trapped in stumps
Pretend you carved this woodcut
Oh - we get it now! Dear geese couples, after all these years, we see how your markings meander in the ripples as you move.  One honk and we are instantly back in our childhood neighborhood.

Shhhhh - Bird Who Paints Itself Shhhhh .... we believe has something in the oven, day in day out .....

A lone bone helps remind us to dance avidly and eat plants

May you have a stumble worthy week (as the unraveling continues) and we look forward to seeing the detritus from your eyes:
A gal's gotta dream ...

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Found Art Friday 277

Dear ones,
As you may have experienced, your Art Ranger, despite her image-based practice, is prone to rants and riffs which occasionally hijack this here blog. Today, our dispatch from The Department of Homeland Inspiration is a build up of utterance from her own shocked and shocking mouth struggling to process, or release steam from her pressure cooker:

Our podcast for you brave ones:

Those little warning symbols denoting hazards to human health seem not sequestered in a lab, but spewing, leaking, roiling throughout our daily rollercoaster ride.
What is it about randomized squashed detritus that satisfies our quest to compose?
lone lady taking pictures of trash again
For others, it's dust that draws ....
Do we have less in our brains? Or, more? due to the 13,000 photos in our machine, cloud?
How are you holding up?
Please send evidence of your pocket of planet to

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Found Art Friday 276

Dear ones,
Do you allow yourself to stop and wonder why, how?  We certainly HOPE so. This week Art Ranger has trained her lens on Repair, both the notion and the visual evidence.  Do you have some repair to share?
Textural joy over floor patch:  KALA Institute in Berkeley, field trip with members of Critical Ground
After decades of earth loving consciousness, composting, and thrift store shopping, there is ever more to consider regarding reducing and re-using. Especially after listening to Yvon Chouinard talk about his business: a man who has forged and invented his life, pioneering in contrast to bogus excess and exploitation. How refreshing! The light bulb was further lit inside of us about trying to make things last. Never again shall we purchase those plastic (Target) hangers that break and die in lazy refuse crap heaps.

re-pair, put back together, a physical remembering, literally re member, get back in touch with it's whole.  Perhaps even strengthened by such attention
If you care, we must learn more ways to extend, to renew
to REpair, or to mend,  we dare you to darn

Heck, we figure we can fix our broken clay bread cloche by using the sourdough itself, since historically the stubborn sticky stuff has used to patch buildings.
Named Darlene
 Letting the repair bake in right alongside the bread.

Perhaps it's time to re-tune your guitar, a form of repair to harmony.
Or, re-purpose a sturdy bike spoke to re-handle a broom (years ago)
From the series, Moments in Fencing
 Repair, the verb "repare" in French means to return to your country of origin, homing in ....

Or, rehone, refine, and re-enjoy your knives.  Nothing lends itself so well to renewal as a good knife in the hands of the smiling man named Chad at the farmers market: Restoration Edge
No knife is too serrated or dilapidated for this craftsman
Sometimes the thing you love most is the more worn, threadbare, re-repaired one because it's  survived with you and recorded your actions through its softness, meanings gathered in its wounds and weaves rubbed on rock faces remembered by gripping (for life) knee bones.
 Even when they've become men, a mother can still be leaned on to perform useful, unglamorous stitches learned as a Girl Scout, aged eleven.
Man in parallelogram with rock and tree with Man-with-dog
With will and determination, one can even repair identities, souls, friendships, insides ....

Now to share a collaborative art work by some kind, fierce women, called ToDo Mending : our favorite (social practice) art of recent (healing needing) months as they've beautifully addressed this thoughtful and metaphorical type of repair.

Have a reparable if not remarkable week as we all trundle along, and it would be dear of you to send evidence to: