Friday, June 29, 2012

Found Art Friday 94

Well hello,
Who ya Gonna Call? from Bonnie Hotz in Missouri

WE are back from the depths of a very complete computer crash.  It was effective in cutting down on seat tethered hours and taking note of a whole shelf of her brain gone missing.  Amazingly, she had recently backed up her laptop using the "time machine" when the big rectangle started to falter then went black. Kaput. Nobody home. (The small rectangle iphone, certainly became more dear).  Mac, the big rectangle, went to Texas, where they found no boot, no logic, and an unrecognizeable hard drive that can now be de-mineralized and "recycled" after four hard years of magical digital 1s and 0s bits and bytes, cookies and chunks of silicon representing the residue of hers and other brains. They vacuumed Art Ranger's computer while wearing a little white suit. They installed a new logic board and hard drive, basically the innards, and voila she gets to start fresh and be asked about her preferred language.  Then, magically, after 3 hours of talking through an eighth inch cord and a chewing-gum-sized device with a flashing light, everything, including YOUR IMAGES (thank you participants), which the Ranger has begun to organize by name and theme, in librariany fashion, were restored, to their full upright position: 
Richard Piscuskas noticed this in Los Angeles
Soon we will be going Home on The Range, where we will see our mother:
Essence of Phoebe
So far this summer, we have driven kids around and around enough to have driven from California to Maine. Concentration has drifted.
Bonnie Hotz in the heartland
Keep your questing and questioning and observing well in mind. We hope there is clay or earth or some kind of adventure under your fingernails and blowing around in your hair.   Now that Art Ranger has sucessfully rebooted, we are putting our feet up for a few weeks. We'll see you when we see you ..... It's brief and precious, summer, like the perfect ear of corn.  

Now please use your back up disk right this second.

***********************           No kidding         *************************

Friday, June 15, 2012

Found Art Friday 93

Dear Blogofolks,
It is the time of year in which the Art Ranger may be either out of range or home home on the range but hopefully not deranged by the amplified runnings around.
Doris Bittar: Eclipse on wall,  filtered through apple tree leaves.  
These are the little miracles we live for.  This image upturned a memory from years ago when the husband and I watched an eclipse on the beach through a tiny hole in a tortilla chip.
And chick, duck, goose from Friend of a Friend in North Dakota
"Skate Gate" from Richard Piscuskas in Los Angeles
This really gets our inventor erector-set can-do juices flowing. 

Speaking of thresholds, here are two from Aunt Madge in Colorado:
"Like a Dairy Queen Drive thru, but ..... two scoops may mean something different here"
"Please Remove lid before serving"
 Those two images just want each other - how and why do they?

Enjoy your summer and attend to your world of visuals and magical mistakes.  We will see you as soon as possible.  Our inbox is emptied for you (that's a lie) and we look forward to your surprises (that's true):

Friday, June 1, 2012

Found art Friday 92

For Here Please

Just when you think that the hum of the drum has you numb, someone does this.  We wondered why the barista was smiling so well and so often.  A guy with a toothpick who is not in a big hurry might improve your outlook on the day. 

Is Woody Allen trying to have a conversation with us at the internet cafe?

Right now the Art Ranger wishes to thank her regular  image sharing correspondents and occasional ones and never before yet contributed ones.  Shout it out!

Secretly a riot of subtle colors:
rock nest
Division of Labor?
It has gotten interesting over time, the way that series of images are developing here at The Department of Homeland inspiration.  The above two  are from season two of Jim Lindenthal studying the parental antics of the Black Oyster Catchers.
How can things so easily become eyes?
Alien Beet Spared the Knife

Now for our second favorite commercial moment of the week:
People say this a lot now.  It goes well with our current surreality.  Have a surprise on us this week. And visit soon: