Friday, June 1, 2012

Found art Friday 92

For Here Please

Just when you think that the hum of the drum has you numb, someone does this.  We wondered why the barista was smiling so well and so often.  A guy with a toothpick who is not in a big hurry might improve your outlook on the day. 

Is Woody Allen trying to have a conversation with us at the internet cafe?

Right now the Art Ranger wishes to thank her regular  image sharing correspondents and occasional ones and never before yet contributed ones.  Shout it out!

Secretly a riot of subtle colors:
rock nest
Division of Labor?
It has gotten interesting over time, the way that series of images are developing here at The Department of Homeland inspiration.  The above two  are from season two of Jim Lindenthal studying the parental antics of the Black Oyster Catchers.
How can things so easily become eyes?
Alien Beet Spared the Knife

Now for our second favorite commercial moment of the week:
People say this a lot now.  It goes well with our current surreality.  Have a surprise on us this week. And visit soon:

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