Friday, May 25, 2012

found art friday 91

Welcome to today.
Here are our finds for this Friday.  Firstly, found by Bonnie Hotz at the 2012 Maker Faire in Oakland: 
Chicken undergoing Extraordinary Rendition?

Above shared also by  Bonnie Hotz via internet, I think.  Mother of boys agrees - this is definitely what you hope for in the dudes.

Army Survival publication with one eyelash: 
Looking at these fragile symbols makes good practice for the EFFORT OF COMMUNICATION
or for counting ones blessings. An early form of texting.
Strawberry with overly full skirt

Now for the latest Haiku:

May you stay in tune to the new and old in you.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Found Art Friday # 90

Dear Blogopersons,
A bland sounding saying came to needle in:  "Wherever you are, there you are"
(it's no wonder that this was discarded - how can one's tongue lolli  a square pop?)
Two things found sort of near each other, which changed the way to look at each one
And a favorite moment in Signage:

Jim Lindenthal has found several expressions of the mysterious coastal rock sculptor.  Once, we read about a man who did this to soothe the constant ringing in his ears.  Let's hear it for gravity and all it's truthful lumps.  And for all that is temporary despite the effort.

Now we insert a special edition of HEADLINES HAIKU 
A chance poem in the spirit of the Dada ists (from a hundred years ago). They were responding to the upheaval of the between-wars conditions and we believe that they would be having artistic convulsions over our current absurdities.  To arrive at this “poem” the artist saved sets of two words per headline, saving couplets, discarding most.

Gleaned from the news dinosaur print edition
Monterey Herald, May 8, 2012

Developer Say
Valium Killed
Plot Thwarted
Dirty presidential
Making Miracles
Rates Creep
Classes at Risk
Theft Charges
Rethink Pay
Cuts Social
Opposition Boycotts
Your Roots
For Dredging

Have a great week.  Hopeful and stretchy.  And may you actually be present (wherever you are).

Friday, May 11, 2012

Found Art Friday 89

 Welcome to today:
At the Department of Homeland Inspiration we have found:

head-on profile picture


Those two photos from Rhiana Michelle in San Diego.There are so many pinks if you think about it.

Here is one from Jim Lindenthal (around) at just the right time yet again.
Existentialists should have looked at the moon more often.
Found on College Campus USA
Painterly Appreciation of Slightly worn arrow, coming and going all at once
Have a lovely week that may include garden soil stuck under your fingernails and air between your toes.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Found Art Friday 88

Dear beings of Homeland Inspiration Blog,
And other random seekers of humble beauty.  Found Art Friday 88 sounds like it ate something that ate something else, doesn't it?  Well, we hope it is yummy. Or at least momentarily worth it to visit our images/ words.
From Friend in the Bay Area:
Reduce re-use in such a charming ongoingy way
And two from Bonnie Hotz:

moons through peephole
She knew they might make good ceramic glaze templates.  Get amazed by functional fun and beauty by visiting her website here:

Sharing color purity is this pollen laden bee spotted this week:
"You're the Bees Knees" we said to him.  Speaking of found materials, Our first capture of Swarm Season happened to be in neighbor's patio storage box.  So in love with our California Poppy or someones Dalias.  On it's way back to the hive.  Waiting in line to do a waggle dance about food location.    They loved the warmth, and the architectural struts for hanging comb.
and of course, her patio cushions. We would love to borrow their eyes for a day, just to see what it is like.  And how could a color be much better smelling than that honeycomb?

Let's be semi- prepared, semi spontaneous, as Jim Lindenthal was when passing by this beachside  gesture.