Friday, May 4, 2012

Found Art Friday 88

Dear beings of Homeland Inspiration Blog,
And other random seekers of humble beauty.  Found Art Friday 88 sounds like it ate something that ate something else, doesn't it?  Well, we hope it is yummy. Or at least momentarily worth it to visit our images/ words.
From Friend in the Bay Area:
Reduce re-use in such a charming ongoingy way
And two from Bonnie Hotz:

moons through peephole
She knew they might make good ceramic glaze templates.  Get amazed by functional fun and beauty by visiting her website here:

Sharing color purity is this pollen laden bee spotted this week:
"You're the Bees Knees" we said to him.  Speaking of found materials, Our first capture of Swarm Season happened to be in neighbor's patio storage box.  So in love with our California Poppy or someones Dalias.  On it's way back to the hive.  Waiting in line to do a waggle dance about food location.    They loved the warmth, and the architectural struts for hanging comb.
and of course, her patio cushions. We would love to borrow their eyes for a day, just to see what it is like.  And how could a color be much better smelling than that honeycomb?

Let's be semi- prepared, semi spontaneous, as Jim Lindenthal was when passing by this beachside  gesture.

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  1. Thanks for the plug. More pics needed...
    LOVE the beachside gesture - just feels GOOD!
    I'll help with honey making if it's not already too crowded
    Keep making us look
    Good day