Friday, April 27, 2012

Found Art Friday 87

Dear Bright Blogspots,
Long ago, in the short life of this Homeland Inspiration blog, The Art Ranger received a surprise composition from under a dog bowl in snowy Montana.  Last week, that same Michelle Aranda sent a series of images with film-like reflection from a visit to Nevada City, site of a gold mining ghost town. "There was an old barn filled with antique arcade machines that told fortunes, played music, answered questions."

"it just seems like a tough place to eek out a life back then. Lots of hangings and shooting, lawlessness and mud-on yer-boots kind of life" says she.

MAYBE - though seems to be what keeps all these gold rushey things going.  Art Ranger enjoys the slight crackled irregularity of hand made things from another era. Yet a different kind of patina.  Lady with all the extra eyes has got your back and she saw when you messed up too.  Thank you Michelle for sharing these and for starting your screenplay abstract.

SWITCH GEARS, but not necessarily colors
Art Ranger is in the midst of a life with boys, consequently her photo library contains gems like this below the knee gash.

and "Are You Kidding me?"  actual under-oak-canopy front yard fungus who only reveals herself in photos.
Art Ranger recently thought of teaching drawing again, so looked at her used book:
"The Zen of Seeing/Drawing as a meditation" drawn and handwritten by Frederick Franck, (1973).
p xii  " A non-creative environment is one that constantly bombards us, I said, overloads our switchboard noise, with agitation and visual stimuli.  Once we can detach ourselves from all these distractions, find a way of "in-scape", of "centering," the same environment becomes "creative" again. SEEING/DRAWING is such a way of inscape from the overloaded switchboard.  It establishes an island of silence, an oasis of undivided attention, an environment to recover in  ..." We wonder what he would think of us now with regards to "agitation and visual stimuli" compared to 1973.

Though digital photography is a much quicker way of generating images than drawing, this outlook relates to our practice here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration, where we sift out images from the potentially mundane activities of life. We try to find "moment-scapes".  Gosh, on the internet, there is probably no such thing as "an oasis of undivided attention".

Please join us at if something of your visual world speaks up.



  1. "The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common" - Emerson

  2. Yes let's seek this. And document/ share so differently in this digital age.