Saturday, April 7, 2012

Found Art Friday 84

Welcome to or from The Department of Honeland Inspiration.  Okay - we mean Homeland, but we are indeed trying to hone in on things in our environment.
For Noah.  Some pictures you only take because of someone else in your life that you want to show it to.
 Applecore Patina:  cousin of the squashed abandoned glove series

Art Ranger on Reservation Road
Found by Tom Boyer  in Saratoga
Art Ranger wants to name it "partisanships" or is it a force field? Where two ends of a magnet resist.
Jump cut
Remember in the movie "Being John Malkevich" when a character was catapulted out a subterranean tunnel onto the New Jersey Turnpike on a rainy night?  This moment was one of the most thrilling and hilarious surprises of our movie going lifetime.  That's made "Art".
Whereas, the Gum Series will be "found art": or how we have chosen to frame something, and in what light. Then to just keep on going. 
Slow down or hurry up? Hope to see you at

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