Friday, November 20, 2015

Found Art Friday 189

Dear ones,
Early Jean Michel Basquiat

We wish the world to be able to feel better than it does. It is hard to go all a blogging or blah blahing about micro revelations of mild joy when our big small shared world is in shock convulsions.  Art Ranger is soaking her feet in the collective heartache and dystopia covering our screens with wounds.  The talkers talk with their heads about it.
What Homeland Inspiration has decided to do, is to invite our found alien, whom we've named Birtha, to commune with us and deep massage our stupidities toward one another:
"Remember Me? " 

Come to life as a butterfly would hatch, found eating/absorbing campfire charcoal in Rocky Mountain National Park
Please take a seat and meditate with Birtha. 
If we try to take her photo, she freezes the device.

If we try to find her again on the Internet, she has utterly vanished.  One can only absorb her powers in person.  She sees our species for what it is without nationalities, religions, or skin colors.
Cave Painting showing humans interacting with each other.
Yes - now you see what a good idea it is to send your Found Art Friday to mailbox?  We do thrive on your contributions. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Found Art Friday 188

Dear ones,
And you probably are dear, almost all of the time.  Though the world's turbine of violent news is heart wrenching, we are going to do our small regular duty here at the Department of Homeland Inspiration:
Horse who loves to talk over the fence
M and M color palette from Uncle Dave

Friend in the Bay Area takes note of neighborhood re-use.
 All in one half day, the Art Ranger received a series called "the sign people" and a coincidental
Friendship Lane - Bring it on!

message from a Dorothy who had received "Artist At Large" junk mail with my name on it at her home.  Dorothy wanted us to know that "Artist At Large" was in fact her DBA since 1986 and that she ran a business as a sign painter and muralist elsewhere in California.

We're fixin' to express our thoughts to Dorothy about how a world with many "Artist At Larges" would be favorable and that our particular activities are so divergent that in no way could I affect the status of her business.
"Artist at Large" is not an entity to be owned,  but is a way of living in the world.  A play on "Editor at Large", we are freelance thinkers wearing this hat with sensors in it; we are about finding and reporting on "art" as it slices into the every day.
Cat House - witnessed by Bonnie Hotz in New York
Big Red  - just makes you wanna sing on down the road with a twang

May your culture sneak up to your nature and say helllllllloo.  Feel free to send some moments to

Friday, November 6, 2015

Found Art Friday 187

Dear Ones,
How would you like to grace our (mailbox) with a gaggle of images?  Small moments is what we have the most of.
The dog/god - encourages you to contribute right here ...

or hear
and "miles to go before we sleep"
Enjoying moisture prints in our travels

and Birdshit Galaxy

Today, while listening to playwright, Annie Baker on Maron's WTF podcast, the Pulitzer Prize winning writer called the "self - such a viscous and unknowable thing" (or, was it place).  We found this news comforting, to accrue as a moving organic blob rather than fixed-in-place with perimeter.

Now this to contain you:

Two gifted pomegranates in bowl

QUOTE FROM children's version of Greek Myth featuring an important pomegranate:  "Zeus found out that Persephone has sucked on some pomegranate seeds while down in the Underworld". Somehow, that faux pas translated into a deprivation sentence resulting in our three months of winter.  (Badly summarized famous piece of literature).

Gosh, is it already dark?  Dang government done took our afternoon!  May you have a fresh breeze and clean blanket for your autumn.
Art Ranger