Friday, November 20, 2015

Found Art Friday 189

Dear ones,
Early Jean Michel Basquiat

We wish the world to be able to feel better than it does. It is hard to go all a blogging or blah blahing about micro revelations of mild joy when our big small shared world is in shock convulsions.  Art Ranger is soaking her feet in the collective heartache and dystopia covering our screens with wounds.  The talkers talk with their heads about it.
What Homeland Inspiration has decided to do, is to invite our found alien, whom we've named Birtha, to commune with us and deep massage our stupidities toward one another:
"Remember Me? " 

Come to life as a butterfly would hatch, found eating/absorbing campfire charcoal in Rocky Mountain National Park
Please take a seat and meditate with Birtha. 
If we try to take her photo, she freezes the device.

If we try to find her again on the Internet, she has utterly vanished.  One can only absorb her powers in person.  She sees our species for what it is without nationalities, religions, or skin colors.
Cave Painting showing humans interacting with each other.
Yes - now you see what a good idea it is to send your Found Art Friday to mailbox?  We do thrive on your contributions. 

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